Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More on the ETS - the tax barrel

Many people are wondering why the National Government are pursuing the ETS at all cost and in the face of much opposition.
The answer is simple really.

It is the last scrape of the tax barrel for a big government model.

Income Tax is last centuries model and has become a blunt election bribe tool anyway.
Consumption Tax is maxed out at 15%. Try putting GST up to 20% and see what happens.

So the only thing left to tax is our interaction with nature itself.
CO2 is perfect as the science can never be settled, the measurements always variable and few will ever understand it. Unlike an hour of work or buying a bag of apples, it is very difficult to visualise a tonne of CO2.

But it can be taxed by applying guilt on the premise of caring for the planet.
And that tax can be applied to everything from energy, to housing, to food, to transport.
Everything that is vital for mankind to function.
The beauty is that most won't even understand it.
They will just pay.
A perfect tax for a new world.

The people will have no choice but pay if they want access to transport, electricity and other basic items.

The politicans can never be proved wrong and the wastage of big government can continue to be funded. They will get their pound of flesh one way or another.

And good old NZ is the perfect guinea pig in a barrel.


KG said...
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Gooner said...

What KG said.


But even National's peasants are revolting.
If the Gnat rank and file don't want it, doesn't that put Key's own job in jeopardy?

ZenTiger said...

Try putting GST up to 20% and see what happens.

Oh, you wish.

You wouldn't believe the number of countries that have risked revolution and done just that.

All it does is increase credit card transactions.

ZenTiger said...

And no revolutions...

Anonymous said...

But we didn't vote for National to implement this ETS crap.

Key's party has lost the votes of ALL my family members.

No more support for a lying PM.

Lou Taylor said...

Zen I realise that many countries have higher GST rates than 15%. But they were all achieved when the western world was trucking along quite happily.
I think the people's eyes have now been opened to the true cost of living in a world where too much tax money is wasted.

Anonymous said...

There are two debates about the ETS nonsense on Homepaddock which are worth following.