Monday, May 31, 2010

More ETS meetings


Next two:

NELSON –– Thursday 3 June - 8 pm, The Nelson Club, Main Bar, 61-65 Selwyn Place,


MOTUEKA –– Friday 4 June - 11 am, Edens Edge Backpacker Lodge, 137 Lodder Lane, RD 3


Then following:

MASTERTON –- Tuesday 8 June - 7.30 pm, Cosmopolitan Club, Turley Lounge, 398 Queen Street, Masterton

PAIHIATUA –- Wednesday 9 June - 10 am, Tararua Club, 15 Tararua St, Paihiatua

FEILDING - Wednesday 9 June - 1.30 pm, The Cedar Room, The Civic Centre, Fielding, 84 Aorangi Street, Feilding

PALMERSTON NORTH – Wednesday 9 June - 7.30 pm, RSA, Cabaret Room, 200 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

DANNEVIRKE - Thursday 10 June–– 10 am ‘The Hub’, Dannevirke Christian Fellowship Centre, Allardice St, Dannevirke

WAIPUKURAU – Thursday 10 June - 1.30 pm, Civic Theatre, Gallery Room, 14 Northumberland Street, Waipukurau

HASTINGS - Thursday 10 June - 7.30 pm, Angus Hotel, Mätäriki Lounge, 507 Railway Road, Hastings

NAPIER – Friday 11 June 11.00 am, Napier War Memorial Conference Centre, Break Out Room 1, 48 Marine Parade, Napier

DARGAVILLE – Monday 14 June - 11 am, Pono (Masonic) Lodge, 39 Hokianga Rd, Dargaville

WHANGAREI –Monday 14 June - 7.30 pm, The Pickwick Room, Dickens Inn, 71 Cameron Street, Whangarei.

For more information call 09 531 5531 or email


Anonymous said...

It'll be an election issue anyway. Duh.

Unfortunately Key doesn't see things like this: capture votes that would be no net loss for the Gnats.

Mr 50% Key wants all the votes for himself. And he'd rather deal with the Maoris than ACT.

Sally said...

Key has been captured by Tim Groser & Nick Smith's deluded thinking.

Wasn't it Tim Groser who said "If politics go bad, everything goes bad."

Anonymous said...

The spineless Key has been captured by the deranged Smith. This PM does not have a bone in his limp body.

Lucy said...

He is trying to be a 'world leader' on this issue just as Labour was a 'world leader' on nuclear issues. Funny I always thought that to be a leader you needed followers.

John Key is going to follow Helen Clark into the lol, pat the brave little country on the head for doing something the rest of the world is not stupid enought to do.

Anonymous said...

How sad it is that our PM refuses to represent the views of the majority on this (and those that elected him to his current executive position), but would rather fullow in Clark's shoes. Wonder what Bill English thinks about all this, does anyone in National actually have a spine? Muppets and puppets, what a sad lot for NZ, and it's the rest of us who'll pay, just like we always have. It's like a bad dream coming true.

The Silent Majority said...

Anonymous, you wonder what Bill English thinks of this?

I believe one of the largest crowds John Boscawen has had for his ETS meetings has been in Gore. Yes, Gore. You can be sure Bill English is hearing plenty about what his constituents think of this ETS tax. They ain't happy.

Sally, Tim Groser says he thinks nothing will come out of the meeting later this year in Cancun. No successor to Kyoto. And as we are in credit with our Kyoto obligations, we will have nothing to pay. So Tim knows, as do the rest of them, that the only reason for collecting the money from hard working NZ'ers is to subsidise the foresters.

Ackers said...


I imagine he's quaking in his boots at the prospect of a backlash from this bunch.



But Ackers, Kevin Rudd crumbled before Tony Abbott.

Anonymous said...

(and those that elected him to his current executive position)

National party policy at the election was to keep the ETS.

People who didn't want the ETS should have voted ACT last time. Clearly they didn't so they should shut the fuck up

ACT to ... capture votes that would be no net loss for the Gnats.

It's only no loss for the Tories if the parliament goes into overhang - if Tory electorate voters vote ACT with the list vote. Otherwise, well lets say you had Tories on 40%, ACT on 13%. The Tories'd have to dump the Maoris and go with ACT. With around 1/4 of the govt vote ACT'd be entitled to 1/4 of the policies: say cutting out 1/4 of govt expenditure.

now that's not Roger's budget (cutting 1/2) but its a good chunk of it. Basically it would be shutting down half the benefit system - or all education, or all health. On 13-15% ACT could demand that and would get it.

When they do that, well it will be fine with ACT's 13% of voters. But there must be 10-15% wet Tory voters would would run screaming home to Labour. KaBOOM. Until we get Cactus Kate's real voting reform - no votes for bludgers or civil servants - then that'll always be the way it goes.

Hell, Hide is the wettest ACT MP by far - ballroom dancer! - everyone else is far more hardcore than him. And when ACT nearly dumped him - Key would have gone to the country, and probably won enough to govern in his own right - rather than have to deal with a real centre party.

National want to be in government forever, with short periods in opposition punctuated by Labour.

ACT doesn't want to be in government - it wants to change NZ, quickly and deeply.

These two aims are totally opposed.

Anonymous said...

It's time to stop Key's ETS.

Anonymous said...

And Nick Smith had the cheek to say on TV the ETS was NOT a new tax.

What a liar the deranged minister is.

The Silent Majority said...

Did you see John Key on Breakfast TV this morning? He looked like a stunned mullet when Paul Henry pointed out to him that the ETS will only cost the average household $3 a week if they don't eat!!

Key said "Well, that is my advice". Time and time again Nick Smith's advice to him is proved wrong, when will he give up on him?

Murray said...

Just out of interest if you have a meeting at 7.30pm in Palmerston North a lot of people wont be able to get there because the buses stop running at 6.

Anonymous said...

Key and National have lost my vote over the ETS.