Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mistressology claimed as trademark

Busted blonde is being harassed.
My name is Ms. Kala Elliott and I am the owner of the Trademark 'Mistressology'. The application was made last year on my behalf by my UK patent agent Kingsly and Talboys who have been my agents for many years. I am the author of the forthcoming book entitled Mistressology and am requesting that you please change the title of your post so the public do not confuse my work with yours. I have already reported this matter to
It appears she wants to preserve the google rank of her blog. So do your bit to piss off some silly bint who claims mistressology as a trademark. Google mistressology and click and the busted blonde links. Or just make the busted mistressology link more popular by clicking here. Linking to that post would increase the popularity of it also.


KG said...

Done. :)

euminedes said...

hehe thanks guys