Friday, May 28, 2010

The Magical Twenty Nine.........

.........countries with an ETS turn out to be just one. So much for Dr Nick Smith's learned spruiking during Question Time.

Yes, it seems the only outfit with an ETS is the European Union.

Would that be the same European Union in which sits the city of Copenhagen? Where not too long ago it was discovered that over ninety percent of the transactions on the Copenhagen Carbon Credits Exchange were fraudulent?

So the truth of the matter is, there's only one other ETS in operation in the world and the one 'country' which has it can't control it and already has significant trade barriers impeding out imports anyway? Did you know, Dr Smith, that without the aid of an ETS, the European Union managed in 2010 to reduce their imports from lil ole NZ by 13.5% compared with 2009?

Who cares what monkey business they get up to when we boot the damned ETS into the duck pond? They are buying bugger all from us and they have no intention of changing that stance. Ever.

Come on, John Key and Nick Smith. You'll have to do better than this sort of pathetic bluster.

Last year the EU (which is going broke) bought just a lousy $5 billion from NZ. The rest of the world - the bit with no bloody ETS or Cap N Trade - took a whopping $34.5 billion

Get rid of the albatross, Mr Key.

Defer the ETS before it gobbles you up and spits you out.


Anonymous said...

Why are Smith and Key so determined to go ahead with the ETS?

What's in it for this pair of national party leaders?

Anonymous said...

Blind trust with carbon investments anyone? Also NZ Super fund bought big on this when they bought evergreen in the south waikato. and... Iwi interests were promised millions on the back of this

Lou Taylor said...

It's not going to happen Adolf.
Just accept it. Who else are you going to vote for? Phil the Greek.

sbk said...

"Who else are you going to vote for?"...i cant speak for Adolf but ACT seems to be the way to go,if only to keep the socialists in National in check(cant believe i wrote that) other than that,vote with your feet.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, vote with your feet. Key and co are not the only voting option, and why would I vote for a PM full of duplicity, lime-light hungry and newly-found arrogance. I'd rather vote for no-one, than see Key and co retain power, they are worse than red Labour, because they pretend to be centre-right, and not the hard left socialists they really are. Shame on National, and its sheeple caucus.

Lou Taylor said...

I agree that ACT are the only alternative.
They should promote John Boscawen to deputy leader and focus solely on the ETS before the next election.
And quietly drop Roger Douglas.
While he speaks the truth, unfortunately he has too much baggage.
The media and voters will never give him another chance.

gravedodger said...

I am convinced that;
The political wing are underestimating the depth of feeling opposing the ETS implementation.
The Party are not listening or are not passing the deep feelings among the troops on to Mr Key and co.
I am certain, with with a fading memory of the veniality of the Dwarf of Herne Bay (late of Tauranga) a significant chunk of the National support at the last election will go to his side not being aware of WRP's hatred of anything allied to National and the fact a vote for him will be a vote for Labour who need another 10 years of opposition to learn the lesson as to why H C was dumped on her sorry arse. The unthinkable suddenly becomes probable. The large chunk referred to above would never go to ACT their other option is witholding their vote which would be just as destructive.

Anonymous said...

Goff will never get my vote. I despise Key and his duplicity and will vote ACT.

baxter said...

Anonymous 1128am......The only answer I can think of is adulation. The ability to strut the International Stage being self righteous and important...I can only think this state of being is an addiction aroused by being invited to open official functions or lay foundation stones etc. .Politicians should be banned from official functions which could instead be performed by parasites such as the Governor General or important but impotent people such as retired sports stars etc.

Anonymous said...

Enough of this farcical ETS. National Party people should demand an answer from Key and the lunatic Smith.

Anonymous said...

No money and soon to be no jobs...I guess it time to learn Greek


Tony Blair has done very nicely out of the AGW scam.
He has a new well-paid job.
Perhaps Key sees similar potential.