Sunday, May 30, 2010

Live blogging Eurovision ;^)

Update 7: The German winner gives a performance to celebrate. The conclusion in this household is that she cant sing for shit. Not as good as the miming pig in X factor. You think I joke? Youtube it
Update 6: Germany wins 246 points. UK last 10 points. Surprise!!
Update 5: Awesome. UK hits double figures!!! It has 10. Belarus gets 12. UK now in last place. ;^)
Update 4: Israel gave no votes to Germany??? wow what a surpise
Update 3: Are you bored yet. I am. Lithuania needs money. Germany bolting ahead with 196 points. Belarus voted top points for Russia. who would a thunk it
Update 2: Ukraine gives 10 points to Russia. I guess they really need that gas

Update: You have no idea how much fun this is. or not.
Germany 134 at halfway

Share the dancing dogs, the kitsch dance, the shit songs.
The Eurovision 2010 leader so far is...
Germany with 122
UK has 7 votes. woooo
so all uk need to do is lend billions to broke countries and it could win eurovision


Inventory2 said...

How's Serbia doing? Beeter than their football team?

sagenz said...

no.. low double figures