Saturday, May 29, 2010

Labour's Failed Smear Test

Adolf has made reference previously to the lugubrious deportment of Labour's Hodgkinson as he goes about his grizzly undertakings for Labour. It's as though he is one of those pox doctors from the early Victorian era or maybe a Georgian leech master - who crept about the royal death chamber attempting to ensure the inmate's death was managed in an orderly fashion.

Is he dispensing palliative care to a terminally ill party? Naah, that doesn't fit.

Is he participating in Labour's assisted suicide? Now you're on to it, Adolf.

Just as Labour manages to edge up over the 30% mark Dr Death slips a needle into one of the party's few remaining unscarred veins and thumps in a new dose of poison. Watch for the immediate drop back to mid twenties within a couple of weeks as the punters send back the party their judgement. Smear test failed.

It won't be long before Hodgkinson will be called upon to begin the after death rites. The injection of special fluids into the rotted corpse and the heavy disguising of the shrunken and ravaged face of Labour with layers of lies in order to portray something less unpleasant.

For lessons in that craft he could do no worse than consult with the world's most accomplished liar and blame shifter:-

President Mbama himself.

The guy who singlehandedly has done more to kill off American enterprise than any other man in the last two hundred years.


Anonymous said...

Simple really

Key - Blind Trust
Goff - No Trust

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The most perceptive comment I've seen all day is over at Danyl's place.

Someone observed that even if Labour dig up a real Watergate in six months time, nobody will believe them because they've been wrong so many times.

People call it going off half cocked.

Inventory2 said...

Tracy Watkins said as much in the Dom-Post this morning Adolf. Journalists are tiring of Labour hacks whispering the latest "Did you know.." to them. It's telling that TVNZ has stayed right away from this story, whilst 3News is all over it.

Anonymous said...

Yep its telling all right. Tells us that those at TVNZ are shit scarred that the Nats are going to shaft them and their jobs.
Good thing too.
The sooner its sold off to someone else the better.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should ask Hodgson about the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and whether he had anything to do with the appointment of John Schofield, (old vet school classmate perhaps?) to a certain employer in his electorate?

Or whether he was privy to Steve Maharey using political capital around the table in 2006 to get Massey a CORE in return for him leaving Parliament and having a successful Vice Chancellor application? And then Hodgson could answer why he was powerless to stop such a blatant abuse of process that shafted his own electorate?

And then he could be asked why he hit on my female postdoc student in 2006 in Queenstown.

Simple really.

Anonymous said...

At least get the miserable prick's name right - it is Hodgson

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, go away and come back when you've grown a brain. One can can accommodate more than one dimension.