Saturday, May 22, 2010

The joys of life

One of the great things about being married with kids and a hefty mortgage is that, while others are out on a Saturday night, having a meal and a few drinks, or listening to music, or watching a movie, you get to stay at home on the couch watching Americal Idol.

Sarcasm aside, it's actually quite a good show (there is real talent on it) and when it gets down to the final three, as it is tonight, you sit there in suspense wondering who will be the finalists. I thought Casey should have been biffed off last night, but big Mike just wasn't a ladies favourite.

So tonight the suspense was palpable. Who would be the two finalists out of Casey, Lee and the chick with the best surname on TV Crystal Bowersox?

AT 9:15pm, while the show was still going, in an ad break, TV One displayed an ad. It was an ad for the live grand final of American Idol on Thursday night. AND ON THE AD IT SHOWED THE TWO FINALISTS!

The only joy in life for a middle aged white male with a mortgage and kids - who will be the finalists on American Idol - and TVNZ ruin it!



Amnion said...



I think this season has been great actually, I liked all 4 here but Casey should have gone last night. Casey is so beautiful!

I'm picking Lee, he;s very talented, needs a bit more personality though, maybe it will be Crystal!

Heine said...

I'm a huge fan, but this is the lowest rating series in years and I am not too excited by the contestants this year.

Crystal should win, shes the favourite and has done so well. Lee is likable as well. But overall there have been better years. The good thing is once this is over it's only a little wait until X factor, ;) ha ha.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking snore. They've had about about 8 seasons too many.

Anonymous said...

The contestant with the greatest appeal to stupid teenage girls (who do most of the voting) is the one that will win.

Which means Lee.