Monday, May 24, 2010

The Gathering Storm

Is it possible that within my lifetime we will see another world war?

Maybe that's not as far fetched as you might think.

There are remarkable upheavals happening in Europe and the US. Upheavals which have some uncanny parallels with the events of the 1930s. A resurgent Germany; an indolent Europe; an isolationist America; and a host of hangers on waiting in the wings.

Victor Davis Hanson has an interesting take on the Europe of today and the potential for conflict inherent in the United States current rush toward isolationism as it redirects its military expenditure toward social welfare payments.

Are we seeing the ascendancy of Germany again in Europe as Germans wake up to the fact they have been conned into paying for the languid lifestyles of Mediterranean ne'er do wells?

Will Germany re-arm itself to fill the gap left by an isolationist America as Iranian madmen threaten European capitals with nuclear armed ballistic missiles? Germany looks like the only European nation with the capability to step up to the plate and fill the vacuum.

We live in interesting times where the academics of Liberalland have failed to grasp any of the many blood soaked lessons of the twentieth century.

But that's the way of those who know best.

Oh, by the way. For the intellectually ignorant, The Gathering Storm was the first volume in Churchill's twelve volume history of the Second World War, in which volume he described the many signs which, for those who had eyes, told clearly of the coming conflagration and slaughter.


Lou Taylor said...

Good post Adolf.
Human nature never changes and history always repeats.

bez said...

There are indeed many ominous signs, although I believe that the opponents are more likely to be ideological systems that are widespread within states, rather than ideologically defined states, thus leading to civil wars first and foremost.
One can envisage the USA and European nations braking up in smaller entities.

mawm said...

Alan Caruba at Warning Signs has a piece on just this subject. It is worth a read.

Oswald Bastable said...

I can see civil wars breaking out in Europe and the US.

Psycho Milt said...

Is it possible that within my lifetime we will see another world war?

Not one started by Germany, that's for sure. A concept drilled into just about every German child from birth is that Germany's lost territories, the huge suffering of its population in two world wars and its legacy as the bad guy of untold movies and books, is Germany's own fault. Don't go looking there for dangerous militant nationalism and a refusal to learn from history, there's more than enough of that to go round in Russia and China.

big bruv said...

Well said Oswald, like you I have real worries for Europe.

One other area that is of concern is the UK, the rapid rise of Islam and the British governments PC response is going to come back and bite them on the arse.
This coupled with the huge number of Eastern Europeans flooding into the UK is a sure fire recipe for increased tension.

Sometimes being stuck at the arse end of the world is not such a bad thing.

sagenz said...

Adolf _ Milt is right. VDH is way off mark in that article. The Germans have changed their culture and lost the Nationalist militaristic mentality required. Their relative decline against Asia is inevitable. I see a great similarity between the spendthrift Greeks and those within any country, including Germany, for whom welfare is a lifestyle option.

Sudza-Snake said...

Endemic social unrest in Europe is more likely than World War type conflict.

Bear in mind that native "have" euro populations are in steep decline [ageing and low fertility rates] whilst new immigrant "have not" populations are displaying skyrocketing growth.

And when Europe's unaffordable dole and welfare systems finally splinter, it's going to be all hell's a popping.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with Milt - Likely agressors Russia/China/Pakistan/Iran/North Korea vs Bankrupt USA/England/Europe
with India/Comonwealth and the Asian countries possibly siding with the US, and the Arab/African countries going the other way.

Would be a real mess afterwards.