Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fifty Thousand Fools

According to The Herald today in Auckland fifty thousand fuck witted fools marched to show why this country is irretrievably stuffed. They oppose ANY mining in the conservation estate.

(Update: The inexorable herald now has downgraded its guestimate to not just 40,000 but, wait for it, 'up to 40,000.' That's journospeak for 'fuck all actually.')

Adolf has a few questions for them.

Will they pay ten percent more income tax to fund our growing deficits?


Will they contemplate any reduction in the number of government employees?


Will they countenance any reduction in gummint spending?


Will they give up any of their gummint funded WFF and other rorts?


So who the fucking hell do they think will pay for it all? Don't know, don't care. Too dumb to worry about that.

Where were they when Labour issued the permits for all the mines operating currently in the conservation estate?

Nowhere to be seen.

Adolf's advice to the current administration is to ignore these fifty thousand ignorant pricks and:-

Drill baby drill,

Blow baby blow.


Dig baby dig.

Crush baby crush

Hell, if you can ignore 83% who voted against the smacking legislation, a few thousand hairy, smelly conversationists are a mere doddle.

No, it's not a typo. These people aren't conservationists. They're Luddites.


gravedodger said...

dopey buggers how many could spell the word conservationist and/or give an ACCURATE meaning for it. How many are actually working in a creation of wealth job, how many were unemployed and had zero understanding as to why some of our leaders think we should investigate mining as a solution to our lifestyle affordability crisis.
Muppets, round them up and herd them into a re-education camp and see how long before anyone going to work tomorrow actually misses one of them.

Shane Ponting said...

Yeah right on! And hows about a few more coal fired power's getting cold and I want cheap power!

Anonymous said...

All the idiot females they interviewed on the news just now, all of them draped with ear rings, chain necklaces and rings, where the hell do they think all the various metals came from, huh? Stupid bitches all of them.


pdm said...

Shane Ponting - don't be so stupid.

We need nuclear power.

There is more value to the country by exporting the coal to China.

Anonymous said...

ound them up and herd them into a re-education camp and see how long before anyone going to work tomorrow actually misses one of them.

Precisely, But I can't be fucked with "re-educating" any of 'em. Only re-education they need is with a 50cal.

Stick a couple of hummers at each end of Queen St, one each in the side roads, and mow the fuckers down.

Then charge their familes for the ammo!

Lou Taylor said...

apparently it was more like 20,000.

All hard core LabourGreen, so really who cares.

If they think this will see Phil lead Labour to a glorious victory next year they should be more worried about someone mining the rocks in their heads.

Gooner said...

What would Helen Clark have said?

"Oh, I'm not going to concern myself with a few Green & Labour activists".

Or she might have referred to aoms left wing bloggers creating a bit of a storm.

You're exactly right Adolf. Nothing to see here. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Luddite losers! Ignore them!


Anonymous said...

apparently it was more like 20,000.

apparently it was more like 200.

You know, if the MSM can get these numbers so wrong - then we should be able to mow the fucks down and it shouldn't even make the fucking news.

adamsmith1922 said...

To coin a phrase a bunch of haters and wreckers who wish to take us back to the Stone Age

Anonymous said...

What the FUCK has happened here:

We really do miss Hellen, don't we?

Anonymous said...

It really is just a case of "mined over matter".

We'll have mining and they don't matter.