Monday, May 31, 2010

ETS irony

Some wonderful irony from the Herald this morning.

First the fool Nick Smith, forgoing any rational reason to impose the ETS and trying to stir up a patriotic excuse to screw us.

"The challenge I give back to you is: when our Anzac troops went to Gallipoli, and when we've got our New Zealand troops in Afghanistan, do we really think those New Zealand troops in Afghanistan are going to make a world of difference to the final outcome there?

"No, we don't. But what we do say, as New Zealanders, and what those Anzacs said in the tradition of New Zealand, is we as a country believe in doing our fair share."

He should be sacked for that comment.

Followed by this headline
Most NZers want SAS out of Afghanistan.

Just like most NZers want NZ out of the ETS.

A good review of why basing a tax ( yes it is a tax) on the carbon cycle is ludicrous is here


Anonymous said...

Irony indeed; Gallipoli was also an ill-planned, ill-conceived and ill-commanded disaster...

Anonymous said...

Whaleoil was spot on about this:

Anonymous said...

So what is Nick Smith saying? That's OK to make futile gestures that will cost New Zealander's dearly (and in the case of war, lives)to knowingly achieve absolutely nothing?

With leaders like that it makes you proud to be a Kiwi knowing that Willy Apiata's VC was gained as a result of a futile gesture.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Smith is a few kgs short of a full tonne of CO2

stephen said...

The traitorous treacherous turd . unfortunately we keep on electing the scum . we're slow learners , yes?