Saturday, May 29, 2010

ETS explained. Updated.. Sat morning

Right here it is;
But first let me explain my position on the ETS and the global warming issue.
I firmly believe that we are (that is we as all humans as a collective) having an impact on the global climate.
Once "we" accept that we are having an impact we need to decide a few things.
1. Is the impact bad?
2. Can we stop?
3. What should we do?

My answers to those questions are.
1. Not as bad as the reconstituted marxists, unicorn spotters and (surprisingly) the National party believe.
2. If we accept we are having an impact then the answer to 2 has to be NO. Why? Because "we" includes the emerging superpowers and the third world who all want planes, trains, electricity, cars and big fuck off television sets as well. And they are not going to switch the motor off and not catch up with us. E.V.E.R
3. So, what should we (as in the NZ "we") do? Nothing. We cannot ever have any measurable effect on whatever damage that may be occuring globally.

Right then. The ETS.

It is of course a load of bollocks, it will see prices rise, but not enough for shortened journeys, shorter showers or people huddling around draped in blankets squinting at smaller tellies.
Of course a few cardigan wearing, mung bean eating wankers might feel warmer basking in the warmth of their righteous smugness. But the rest of us? Not so much.


It is a master stroke of political genius by the National party.

With one piece of mental legislation they have achieved a great victory over the left. Labour and those marxists in the green party have been completely neutralised. They cannot complain that national is not doing anything and cannot campaign against a piece of legislation that they originally introduced and has now been weakened.

Where are the voters going to go? To ACT of course. It may help ACT cement an extra few percentage points which of course is good for the Nats. Nobody opposed to the ETS is going to give their vote to Labour or the Greens because those economic terrorists would make it even more expensive.
Check and Mate on the global warming scam.

Of course, none of this means I would not happily see Nick Smith confined to a rubber room with a coat that fastens at the back and I am still incensed that Agriculture is included in our Kyoto calculations. Nobody else on the planet has done this.

Do what I say not what I do!
I have just seen a procession of govt cars arrive at Waitangi... With a bunch of ministers all arriving in a car each. For crying out loud, why can't you pricks share a ride. You are not Labour, stop behaving like them.


Anonymous said...

BB said "You are not Labour, stop behaving like them. "

But they ARE! National is no different than the socialist Labour Party when comes to passing expensive legislation, expensive not only to Joe Bloggs but the entire economy.

In that regard National and Labour are twin brothers.

David Baigent said...


..."why can't you pricks share a ride"

Same destination, but different point(s) of departure.?

Barnsley Bill said...

David, the cars were in convoy and had all originated from the same departure point and time of departure. Namely an Air NZ flight that arrived at Kerikeri airport this morning. I was over there dropping David Farrar off and passed the silver cavalcade on my way back to Keri with WhaleOil.

Anonymous said...

It may be a "master stroke" for political reasons, but do you seriously contend that that makes it worthwhile?

If the Nats had a spine they'd drop this nonsense and ignore the squealing lefties, greenies etc.. The Nats wouldn't need any form of "master stroke" if they proceeded with honesty and dignity.
The left and its greenie cohorts are stuffed here anyway.