Monday, May 31, 2010

ETS campaign

This month I am going to dedicate any blogging solely to the ETS as it is intended to be implemented on 1 July.

It is appalling that in the current economic environment the Gnats and the MP are imposing costs on ordinary New Zealanders for no purpose or reason whatsoever.

I am not going to debate the issues as they have been traversed for years. Suffice to say, the ETS is an economic debacle that New Zealanders cannot afford and which will put our exporters at a serious disadvantage to our trading partners.

What we can do

Someone suggested to me that if even 40 people wrote the same letter (demanding National scrap the ETS) to John Key and Nick Smith, every day, for the rest of this month that would produce 1,200 letters in the month. If they sent the same letter by email also, that would be 2,400 pieces of correspondence. If that number of people doubled to 80, by adding wives, husbands or girlfriends/boyfriends, then that would be almost 5,000 pieces of correspondence this month.

If that 80 was in fact 1,000 then that would be 60,000 pieces of correspondence!

So, No Minister readers and bloggers in general, please spread the word. For the month of June please send the below letter to both John Key and Nick Smith, every day, by both snail mail and email. The post is free - no stamp required. Then get one other person to send it too, and we can bombard the pricks with so many emails and letter they wish they were never born.
Dear Mr Key/Mr Smith

I write to oppose the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

This tax will add unnecessary costs to families and taxpayers at a time they can least afford it. It will produce no environmental gain; will provide windfall profits for state-owned electricity generators; and provide state subsidies to foresters. This is simply a wealth transfer of gigantic proportions that cannot be justified.

Our trading partners are not implementing and ETS and are unlikely to. Further, New Zealand is in credit under Kyoto so there is no need to tax anybody. And, Kyoto is due to expire on 31 December 2012 so this tax is even less justifiable considering that. There was no agreement in Copenhagen to extend Kyoto and there is unlikely to be an agreement going forward. But as you know, that ETS tax will remain regardless after that date.

Your party campaigned on reducing costs on ordinary New Zealanders, and properly so after middle New Zealand was starved of cash during the Labour years. Yet, you are now imposing the biggest cost that has been seen for many, many years for no reason at all.

We cannot be a world leader because the rest of the world is not following.

For the sake of middle New Zealand, who voted you in at the last election, scrap the ETS.


Of course, edit as you like. But at the very least, send this every day for the month of June. Get your friends and family to send it by both post (no stamp required) and email. Let's get 1,000 people doing it and force them to stop this madness.


Contact details


post: John Key, Prime Minister, C/- Parliament Buildings, Wellington; Nick Smith, Minister for Environment, C/- Parliament Buildings, Wellington.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good! Will participate in that!

Also, who can design me a bill (account)? I want to post an account to the government (what department?) requesting a refund of each months gas, electricity and petrol ETS components.

Anonymous said...



Pentwig said...


pdm said...

As I am temporarily in the UK no pointt in posting. However to make up I will endeavour to email from both yahoo and hotmail daily.

singularian said...

Go Gooner.

Good for you.

singularian said...

Oh ..... and done

Told nick he was a bit of a dick about the Gallipoli thing too.

Inventory2 said...

Supported at Keeping Stock ...

Well done mate!

WWallace said...

Looks like you were at the same meeting last night that I was, Gooner. I also included Tim Groser ( and my electorate MP in my emails.

My biggest peeve is that we are taxing one of our main raw materials -- CO2. That's what we use to make grass, from which we produce cows, sheep, milk, etc.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Gooner. Duly noted

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

Here is the letter I sent to JK & NS:

I am writing to offer my disgust at the implementation of the ETS from 1 July. It is a tax that NZ does not need at all and I think you should be listening to your core constituents on this matter more than you have done. After all, you seem to act when Forest & Bird & their ilk have issues with proposed strategy's such as mining S4 land. Also, the ETS was a deal done with the MP, giving them financial advantages to get their support. Mainstream middle NZ have also had enough pandering to the Maoris as well.

Also, I am annoyed at Nick Smiths comments about the SAS in Afghanistan saying they won't make an appreciable difference there. " we really think those New Zealand troops in Afghanistan are going to make a world of difference to the final outcome there?

"No, we don't. "

Well the same can be said of the ETS I am afraid. Apparently the Icelandic volcano has belched out more CO2 than can be saved for the equivalent of 42 years. Also, I feel that Nick Smith in conjunction with Dr Gluckman are pulling the wool over your eyes on Climate Change, don't you think Climategate meant anything at all or is that now a distant memory? Time to move on.

We do not need an ETS, which will cost tax payers more than $3/wk, there will be flow on costs such as food price increases as suppliers pass on fuel costs. Our freight forwarder has already increased the level of Fuel Surcharge because of the ETS. Power costs will increase and we will pay more for dairy in NZ as Fonterra will pass the costs onto NZers as they cannot pass costs onto exports as they cannot dictate whole milk powder costs. And my bet is that this tax will only increase in time as taxes tend to increase as a way to gather revenue. Also, this will mop up tax cuts for a lot of middle to low income families, I am lucky as I can absorb this. A real vote winner this will be. If it does cost more than the $3/wk, which I recon it will, it will make Lab/Grn look more appealing, 'Nationallike'.

The best thing you can do is scrap the ETS as a lot of National voters will not vote National in 2011. I am one of them, I will stay at home along with my wife & mother. Seen the recent downtrend in the polls at all?

Even better is to get rid of Nick Smith on this, he will be the downfall of National in 2011 with this whacky scheme. Why do we have to be world leaders on taxes? You just dropped income taxes, why introduce another while ACC will also increase in 2011 (I can see why on this though).

If we have a National Govt ETS it will be easier for Lab/Grn to increase this when they get into power.


Sally said...

lIST MP Tim Groser definitely needs to be hit also.

We have a government going awfully bad politically with its grab of hidden taxes. I understand that Groser made this comment before he joined Key's party.


KiwiGirl said...

I receive newsletters from a website called Earth Changes Media.
The latest headline today reads:
NASA Now Says 'Sun' Main Cause of Climate Change
By Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media
May 31, 2010 - 11:18:06 AM

Doesn't this government keep up to date with the news of the world? For them to be continuing with this tax suggests to me that there is an agenda that has nothing to do with climate change.

Don. said...


Wellington Tuesday 22nd JUNE 2010.

Gather at the Civic Centre by the Michael Fowler hall at 12:00 pm. March to Parliament 12:30 - 1:00pm.

We are wearing ORANGE WIGS in Protest. This will get the Medias attention.
ETS (Excessive Tax Swindle) affects us all.

We have just been notified that our power charges will be increased by $6 per month to help pay for this. Not forgetting the 4c a litre on petrol etc.

So get yourselves an ORANGE WIG and stand up for all New Zealanders.