Sunday, May 23, 2010

The deserting Dad

A copy/paste post from a comment by me over @ Farrar's place:

I see that Pete Buffoon Bethune cares so much about humans he abandoned his family including two young daughters for his flights-of-fancy.

Money quotes:

Finally, the pressure of having an absent husband proved too much, and in September last year the couple separated, Sharyn revealed during an interview with the Sunday Star-Times last week.

“I’m still supporting him, we’re still very good friends, but when you’re apart – in five years we saw him maybe for six months – you start going your own way. I’ve moved on,” she says.

She admits to feeling some resentment that her husband travelled the world while she dealt with the more mundane task of running the household.

“It’s for a single man without responsibilities. He’s got two daughters, he’s been away from them five years. He’s got no life insurance or anything. To me it is a little bit selfish, but the girls fully support what he’s doing.

Nice guy.

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Anonymous said...

He's a cunt who'll, all going well, will get everything he deserves