Saturday, May 29, 2010

Desert Pete and The Road Runner

Adolf doesn't know whether to laugh or cry over the embarrassing debacle created by Labour's resident mortician, the sepulchral Pete Hodgkinson. You know they are buggered when even lefty journos turn against them.

In sonorous tones reminiscent of a Scottish Presbyterian presiding over the burial of a 98 year old spinster, this aging walrus attempted during Question Time to trap the PM. Just like his idiot ex party secretary attempted to trap the PM before the election. Just like his current idiot leader tried to trap the PM. Just like his fat little front bench poofter mate tried to trap the Minister for Westies.

Same old result.

Egg on face in a big way.

David Farrar has put up this morning a copy of the PM's legal advice on the activities of and his non-involvement in his blind trust.

Apparently Desert Pete is too blind to see that after all his digging, it is he and his piss poor party who are at the bottom of the hole, covered in shit and with no way of getting out.

It's time for a new Center Left Party to rise up and throw out this tainted bunch of cull for age old goats, Goff, King, Dyson, Hodgkinson, Mallard, Cunliffe, Plughead and Co.

They've had at least four goes at the same strategy and all four times they've not just failed but have failed spectacularly and have confirmed their already rancid public image as incompetent muckrakers and throwers of shit who could not get a wet turd to stick on the inside of the shit house door.

New Zealand needs a decent opposition party which has some competence, some common sense, some sense of political purpose, knows where it stands on policy and can elucidate it, knows how to stay on song and above else, knows WHAT NOT TO DO.

Come on, Cris Trotter. Here's your big chance to establish a whole new order. You could call it 'The Democratic Party.' That way they could at least continue to lie through their teeth and rob the tax payers blind.


mawm said...

This stinking bunch of hypocrits are funded by us! It is enough to make one want to throw up.

They are bunch of intensely dislikeable fools who continue to play the man and not the ball. It is time they grew up and did some sensible opposition rather than a knee jerk reaction to everything National. Support what is good and concentrate oppostion to key policies where their ideologies differ.

It's time for a new Center Left Party to rise up - we've got that's called National!

Anonymous said...

The only problem is that while these idiots must be ignored and laughed at, there'll be another generation of similar lunatics who will whip out the tired politics of envy as soon as the current bunch departs.

Why the need for a "new Center (sic) Left Party?" There is no need.


gravedodger said...

"Couldn't get a wet turd to stick to the inside of a shithouse door"connjures up a picture of a labour caucus meeting in full session.
Come to think about it, that would be the best place to make these hopeless personal attacks, with a sympathetic audience and no chance of being called on for proof.
Caucus meeting in a shithouse mmmm I think I like it,They could use the MSM papers for tissue.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gravedodger, fifty years ago an old Maori said to me he had refused to allow the Weekly News people to take his photograph.

You've reminded me of the reason why. He didn't want those buggers down the road wiping their bums on his face.

Anonymous said...

It's time for a new Center Left Party to rise up and throw out this tainted bunch of cull for age old goats, Goff, King, Dyson, Hodgkinson, Mallard, Cunliffe, Plughead and Co.

We've got a new Center Left party and they did throw out Labour. That party is called "National". And they are in government ffs.

What NZ needs is a disciplined, positive, strong Right Party with an real activist base in the streets and towns throughout NZ. A party that doesn't tolerate leftism, wowserism, socialism, unionism, libertarianism, or all the other stupid manifestations of the left. A party that puts responsibility before rights, duty before freedom, discipline before self-expression, commerce before charity, work before recreation, punishment before parole, police before criminals, safety before terrorism.

A party organised enough to get 100,000 people on the streets of Auckland so that when the left protests and riots, the protesters and rioters can be dealt to in the only language the left understands.

K said...

how long did tired 'ol pete whatisname and his 'research team' spend 'digging for anything'? I thought he had been quiet for a while. What a shabby bunch they are.

Anonymous said...

Mawm and Anon beat me to it - we have a centre left party in National (just that the country as a whole, or rather, the MSM, is even more left wing and does not recognise this). Anon is right, we need an electable centre right party in this country, but this isn't going to happen with the lefties in the MSM so opposed to measures which would boost economic growth rather than re-distribution.

Anonymous said...

It's time for a new Center Left Party to rise up and throw out this tainted bunch

Oh hang on a minute!!!!!

Its still time, for both lots to be sent packing.

Anonymous said...

we need an electable centre right party

When some wanky lefty whinges on about all this

just remind them that the Obama-messiah & the Clintons are all far to the right of ACT

Death Penalty: Obama yes, ACT no
Armed Police: Obama yes, ACT no
Nuclear Power: Obama yes, ACT no
First Strike: Obama yes, ACT no
Gun Ownership: Obama yes, ACT no
Privatised Healthcare: Obama yes, ACT no
Military Aid to Israel: Obama yes, ACT no.
No Taxes to pay for Abortion: Obama yes, ACT no
Against National GST: Obama yes, ACT voted for it, Rodney introduced it
Against ETS: Obama yes, ACT no (will vote for it)
Against Affirmative Action: Obama yes, ACT no (in government with racist Maori party)
Military response to terrorism: Obama yes, ACT no
Shoot-to-kill policy: Obama yes, ACT no
Effective Child Discipline: Obama yes, ACT no
Corporal Punishment in School: Obama yes, ACT no

While lefties call you a fascist: just say - I want to vote for Obama's policies.
I want to vote for Clinton's policies.

In NZ, they'd be considered hard to the right of Ian Wishart

As for voting for a Republican policies - you'd be jailed for just advocating them