Monday, May 24, 2010

A Corrupt Labour Party

Golding's fight against the extradition strained relations with the US, which questioned Jamaica's reliability as an ally in the fight against drugs. Locally, critics have asked for Golding's resignation, although his Jamaica Labour Party continues to back him.

Coke allegedly leads one of Jamaica's gangs, which control politicised slums known as "garrisons". Political parties created the gangs in the 1970s to mobilise votes. Coke's gang is tied to Labour.

Gee, who would have thought it. Another corrupt Labour Party. What is the world coming to?

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MikeE said...

You'd have a point except the Nats in Jamaica are just as bad.. linked to these gangs:

* Spanglers Posse (Matthews Lane)
* Jungle Posse
* Gully Posse (Cassava Piece)
* Mountain View Posse
* Clansman gang (Spanish Town)
* Black Roses Crew (jungle)
* Tel Aviv Posse
* Dog Posse
* The Bloodclot Crew
* Cuban Posse
* Brown Posse
* Jae Bone
* Trench Town Crew
* Maxfield Crew
* British Link Up Crew
* Gaza Strip Gang (Craig Town)
* Nanny-Ville crew
* Joe Ben Bow Gang
* Rock Fort Posse
* Death Row Posse (Mckoy Lane)
* Water House Posse
* Bull Bay Massive
* Entourage Crew (Rema)
* Boston Gang (Waterford)
* Jarrett Lane Gang
* Black Roses (Original Crew from Lincoln Avenue in Jungle)
* Stingers Gang (Maxfield and Jungle)
* Mexican Gang (Mexico Jungle)
* Bi Bow (Jungle)
* Top Jungle Gang
* Sunrise Gang (Maxfield)
* Joel Andem Gang (Papine)

Politics in Kingston Town is linked to gangs, regardless of which side you support.