Monday, May 31, 2010

Community Service

Big 'ups' to The Herald for publishing this picture of Kiwi stupidity.

Yellow lines, fog, a warning...this motorist ignored them all, and  police want to speak to them. Photo / Supplied

Napier/Taupo, double yellow line, heavy fog and no brains.

The cops have the lunatic's plate number and Adolf hopes he or she is put off the road for a good long time.


Kevin said...

and... that looks like a truck with a trailer not just a truck, so twice as much vehicle length to pass.

Simon said...

Why do I pay the same ACC on my car as this clown?

pdm said...

A not uncommon sight on that road.

Mrs pdm and I have just driven 800 miles approx from London to Lands End and return over 4 days. On not one occasion did we see a case of dangerous or impatient driving and we travelled a fair bit of the time on minor A and B classified roads as we toured around.

We encountered two minor accidents the first where an obviously ineperienced driver lost control on a bend on a wet road ans slid gently into the barrier on the side of the roard. The second was a caravan which `took over' the car and caused both to hit the left hand guard rail.

Driving in the UK is a breeze even at speeds of 70mph and being overtaken by faster traffic with no suggestion of risk. Courtesy and defensive driving reign supreme.