Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cameron is playing a blinder

There is no clear public statement of a deal between Con and LIb Dem yet. Chris Huhne is on BBC suggesting that Lib Dem agreement is not a done deal. Let the beardies try to say no. That would trigger an immediate election with consequences for the Lib Dem vote if they vote no confidence. It will put the complete responsibility on Clegg if there is no full coalition.

Heseltine says that Cameron has been effective in changing the public perception of him, albeit not yet that of the Conservatives. True.

In the admittedly unlikely event that Lib Dems balk at a full coalition with the Conservatives they will bear the full responsibility for that failure. Cameron has boxed them in completely.

Clegg has been shown to be untrustworthy and duplicitous but Cameron has simply held his own counsel.

For those interested in UK politics these are fascinating times.

Cameron has what I thought was a very good speech in front of number 10 on his way back to no 10

Update: hattip tory diary
The first coalition government since 1945. All unconfirmed but originating from good sources:

Chancellor of the Exchequer: George Osborne

Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Vince Cable

Foreign Secretary: William Hague.

Health Secretary: Andrew Lansley.

Schools Secretary: David Laws (not Michael Gove).


James Stephenson said...

After 13 years of that other lot, I'd be surprised if many people in the electorate knew the meaning of the word "responsibilities".

Bloody good luck to you DC, I think you're going to need it.

pdm said...

I too thought Cameron was excellent outside of no10.

Just a shame they gave that ground yesterday by agreeing to a referendum to change the voting system. Still if Clegg and co don't toe the line they have something to hold over them now.

Cal "The fucker" Richards said...


agreeing to a referendum to change the voting system.

Who gives a FUCK! Labour will vote against, after this fucking mess the vote is lost, Labour is FUCKED, and the Lib-Dems pretty much fucked too!

Now the real work begins - minibudget by the end of June, starting to undo the huge fucking damage Gordon did to the economy,,,.

Time to get the bludgers out and start rewarding winners!

Time to Fuck Labour every way we can

(and yeah, I don't mind at all giving the Lib Dems Tony and Gordon off to the Hague

Anonymous said...

Theodore Dalrymple's portent of the future back in 2000.

"And so the prescription is: more of the same. The Liberal Democrat Party, Britain's third party, which is dominated by the middle-class liberal intelligentsia and is gaining an unthinking popularity born of disillusionment with the government and of the patent incompetence of the official opposition, recently held its annual conference. And what were the most important proposals put forward there? The legal recognition of homosexual marriage and shorter prison sentences for criminals."

"Nero was a committed firefighter by comparison."

Cal "The fucker" Richards said...

Tonybee in the Guardian doesn't get it:

Some in Labour think this is their D-day, the start of their next victory – but it's their Dunkirk.

It's not their fucking Dunkirk - it's the fucking Hiroshima. It's their Nagasaki - we'll fuck Labour and their union mates so fucking hard that they'll never be back in government

Cal "The fucker" Richards said...

More good news:

Tele: According to LifeSearch, unemployment cover from LV= for a 35-year-old male, non-smoking office manager in the private sector paying out £1,200 a month would cost £21.46 a month.
Equivalent cover for an assistant nurse working for the NHS would cost double this, at £42.92

Heh heh heh - NHS Time to GET FUCKED

(anyone ever imagine that happening in Commie Old NZ?)

Psycho Milt said...

It's not their fucking Dunkirk - it's the fucking Hiroshima. It's their Nagasaki - we'll fuck Labour and their union mates so fucking hard that they'll never be back in government

Ah, good times. Remember, "Cal?" A couple of years back, when you were peddling very similar bollocks in our comments threads about what a Nat/ACT govt would do, and how Labour would be destroyed for decades by it? Oh, how we laughed at you. And oh, what a bitter disappointment it must have been when it turned out that we were laughing at you with good reason. A lesser man would have been shamed and humbled by the experience, but not you - you've come back for more. Your services to our amusement really do have to be described as selfless.

Anonymous said...

Cal's Sinner's Mum isn't she?

Judge Holden