Monday, May 24, 2010

Are there actually any boy racers in NZ?

Somehow, the guys who do this stuff always have parents who claim they're not boy racers, merely "car enthusiasts."

Various of us at No Minister have plenty of experience driving reasonably powerful rear-wheel-drive cars. In my experience it definitely is quite easy for them to lose traction while cornering in the wet - it's happened to me plenty of times with wet asphalt on roundabouts and suchlike. At the kind of speeds you normally do in a built-up area, this isn't a big deal - you feel the tail start to go, you correct it and take it as a reminder that wet roads mean you should take corners more slowly than usual. What doesn't happen is that you fishtail all over the road and sweep across the footpath fast enough to kill pedestrians and severely damage your car - unless, that is, you're flooring it.


Barnsley Bill said...

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
Many of us in our forties lost friends to poor driving in our teens. For me the thought of my teenagers driving around at night in the rain is a special new level of terror in much the same way it probably was for my parents.
Young men (and increasingly young women) drive like twats. Testosterone and a complete lack of fear is a potent mix, it always has been and always will be. But we can be assured that our servants will no doubt all be on the parish pump this morning with more ridiculous kneejerkery.

Rob Carr said...

I think Car enthusiasts and boy racers are exactly the same it just happens that some of them suck at driving.

PM of NZ said...

BB - "a special new level of terror in much the same way it probably was for my parents"

Yes, I well remember my dear old Mum once saying something along the lines of "nights are for lying awake awaiting that phone call" as she counted heads in the door. Especially where we boys were concerned.

Indeed, having myself had such phone calls, a very special level of terror only a parent of teens can experience.

Inventory2 said...

I agree Milt. The difference is of course that there is a world of difference in performance between the Vauxhall Victor 101 I drove in my teens and the rocketships that the young drive today. It took very little application of the loud pedal to break traction on skinny cross-ply tyres, so any trouble I got into was low-speed, and the consequences were minimal, unless a black-and-white car was in the vicinity (remember the Ministry of Transport anyone?).

To break traction in a boy racer car with wide-track low-profile tyres takes a much heavier right foot, and a much faster rate of knots, unless it is done deliberately.

PS - the word verification was bedessm - anyone seen David Benson-Pope recently?

MikeE said...

I've got a RWD nissan stagea.. the thing scares teh shit out of me in the wet.

have nearly spun out in the thing at 20kph the day after I bought it, I'd hate to think of the result if I was going faster.

2.5l + turbo + RWD + wet road = pain.

Psycho Milt said...

Quite a long time ago now, in my case it was a Nissan Skyline R30 involving turbo and rwd giving me the shits. Later a Rover SD1, that thing was awesome for flinging the tail out and easily bringing it back in again, it was like they'd purpose-built it for that or something.

Barnsley Bill said...

All the ford capri models. Culminating in putting a 2.8i dusseldorf model on its roof the week before I left England. That particular wreck forced me to buy my first kiwi home in Raglan rather than Cambridge.