Sunday, May 30, 2010

And a Blackmailer Too.

(Big 'ups' to Herald journo Matt Nippert for digging out this story.)

Does anyone remember s black prick on a Harley who went down country with a bunch of criminals, broke into a pig farm in the middle of the night, shone lights into the eyes of the animals and when they were half awake and screaming with either fright or anticipation of being fed, filmed them?

Do you remember the way the film was presented to the public as 'evidence' of animal cruelty? Do you remember which channel ran the story?

Well it turns out the black prick was carrying out his threats to his previous employer, delivered via his then agent.

Here's an excerpt from the blackmailers conversation, published in this morning's Herald:-

Smith said: "I remember the conversation quite clearly - some severance pay would be a good way to stop Mike going 'dog', help prevent him from going 'feral'. $50,000 was a good number, he indicated."

Steele's request is also noted in records from a NZ Pork committee meeting in February.

Steele tries to brush it off as a throwaway line. Oh yeah? A thrown away line from an extortionist?

As my teenage mates Up North used to say, 'this man is a disgrace to the Maori race.' Both of them, that is.

And for the commenters who like to scream 'racist' every tine someone mentions the word 'black' let me remind you 'black bastards' is a phrase used by one Maori to describe other Maori who might be bad bastards.

And for the nit pickers who might say King did not say these things, let me remind you to look up the meaning of the word 'agent.'


Inventory2 said...

In fairness Adolf, this was a TVNZ sting - Sunday and One News from memory. The Gollum non-scandal is the work of 3News and the NZLP.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks for that IV. I'll fix.

Robert said...

All this was patently obvious at the time. Or at least i thought it was.
The comedian always was a joke.
Certainly didn't encourage pork sales.

WAKE UP said...

Mike King's main crime is not that he is NOT FUNNY, but that he thinks he's funny.