Sunday, May 30, 2010

All Whites best ever win?

Some are saying this morning's one-off, (boring, boring Arsenal) one niller against Serbia is the All Whites best ever win.

Not a chance.

These one-off type wins, World Cup warm ups or not, are simply that, one-off wins that in the greater scheme of things don't mean much.

Stuff is running a poll asking this question. The leader at the moment is the win over Serbia.

Neither, nor the China win, rank first for me.

The best win by the All Whites comes from 1982 and it was the 5-0 drubbing of Saudi Arabia that got us to the playoff game against China. All goals came in the first half, and Wynton Rufer got a memorable double (IIRC).

I remember getting up in the early hours to watch the game, and the memories are still there. I ran into my brother's bedroom at halftime urging him to get up and watch as we were already up 5-0. He didn't believe me, but got up and watched the second half. He, like most, thought the dream was over. I still believed. That was a life-changing result.

And so it is the best result for the All Whites from my perspective. Sadly, it is not in the Stuff poll.

UPDATE: The reason the win over Saudi Arabia was so important was because it gave us the right to a playoff against China that we won and then went to Spain. We needed a five goal buffer to just draw level with China on goal difference, and we had those in the first half. Sauda Arabia were no easy-beats; we could only draw with them in Auckland.


Inventory2 said...

Bahrain at home last year was pretty special too, if only because I watched the match from the heart of the White Noise zone at thr RoF. It was an incredible night.

Anonymous said...

What a dick.

There are always haters around as this post proves.

Anonymous said...

Serbian soccer is our vic.
They were vic-slapped.
The Serbian side were full of vic's.