Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The 7.62mm is on its way back!

News from the Times that both the US and UK personal weapons are struggling in long range fire fights in Afghanistan against the heavier calibre AK47. Their solution is to start to bring back the 7.62mm round
With its light bullets the M4 rifle lacks sufficient velocity and killing power in long-range firefights, leaving US troops outgunned by the Taleban and their AK47 Kalashnikovs and the old Russian SVD sniper rifle.
Britain has followed the US in investing in 400 new larger-calibre Sharpshooter rifles, which use a heavier 7.62mm round, and are effective at longer ranges. The weapon is expected to be deployed in Afghanistan, alongside the standard rifle, by the end of the month.
I trained on both the 7.62mm SLR and the 5.56 M16. Although I never fired either in anger I always believed the 7.62 would be far more effective in battle. Logistics wise the smaller M16 rounds would be easier to distribute.


gravedodger said...

Thats why I use the Magnum on vermin (animal and bird) rather than .22 LR.
The more dead the target is the better.

Anonymous said...

Horses for courses isn't it?

The relatively open terrain of Afghanistan would favour heavier rifles whereas the lighter NATO guns would be better in closer fighting and you can carry more ammunition.

The SAS found the best weapon for jungle fighting was the pump shotgun.


dad4justice said...

As part of the TF Intake No 27 I fell in love with the SLR high velocity rifle. Those shit pea shooters kiwi soldiers use now is a bloody disgrace against the grunt of the AK.

KG said...

The truth of the matter is, there is no "one size fits all" calibre.
As Anonymous says, it's horses for courses. (although the shotgun is only useful for work in thick jungle and house clearing--not all jungle provides thick cover, after all).

Anonymous said...

Tom hunter said....
Interesting. It's been some years since I read the book, but in Blackhawk Down I recall the US soldiers complaining that their then new 5.56 did not have the knock-down power of the 7.62 even in multiple shot situations. They envied the SF guys who were still using the 7.62 rounds.
But agree with the others - horse for courses

James Stephenson said...

I thought 6.5mm was the coming thing...but then perhaps one shouldn't believe everything one sees on "Future Weapons"

KG said...

Perhaps it is James--there's a lot of support for that calibre. But the whole thing is complicated by career brass who staked so much on the 5.56 and the sheer cost of change.
Add classic military inertia to that.;)

Anonymous said...

"As part of the TF Intake No 27 I fell in love with the SLR high velocity rifle."


Oswald Bastable said...

It never went away.

It was just waiting for the love affair with poodle-shooters to fade.

Simo said...

OB got there first but the 5.56 wasnt called the poodle shooter for nothing, comparing sheer foot/lbs down range stopping power with the .223 55gr and 150gr 7.62 makes an obvious choice!