Sunday, April 18, 2010

You'd Think They'd Wake Up

Adolf has been waiting some days for a learned exposition on the amount of greenhouse gases spewed into the atmosphere by a little old volcano in Iceland. None has appeared in the Antique Media.

No one seems interested in bringing to the attention of our leaders a comparison with the amount of greenhouse gases our much hyped and economically disastrous Emmissions Trading Scheme might prevent.

Adolf is prepared to wager that in just one week, Eyjafjallajokull has emitted more GHGs into the atmosphere than might have been saved my man's puny and futile efforts over the next ten years.

Repeal the bloody thing, Mr Key. If you don't, you will go down in history as New Zealand's very own John Queyote.


Stu Barker said...

Take a look at Planes vs Volcanoes on Information is Beautiful

Anonymous said...

Adolf - you're wrong on the specific point. In fact, the volcano will cool the planet. See Also read Superfreakeconomics.

But, you are still right on the general point that massive human induced climate change is not happening and the ETS is crap.

Ackers said...

Lou Taylor said...

It also is being reported that intermitant activity could go on for several months and also trigger other volcanoes in the region to erupt.

Of course we have been told by certain quarters that only man made gas emmissions are going to cause us problems, so we will suffer no ill effects from all this natural stuff.
Thank goodness for that.

kehua said...

He is not going to budge on the ETS just as Clarke refused to see the folly of sticking with the EFA. I am staggered at just how arrogant John has become, surely one of the sycaphants will try and open his eyes to the reality of middle-income NZ today. Hurt them unneccesarily and believe me, they will not forget. They will not vote Labour, John. They will quite simply not vote, work that one out `Johnboy`(for that is whay you are starting to look like.)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, you seem to have manufactured a point for me. I don't recall having anything to say about warming or cooling.

Anonymous said...

According to Prf Gluckman...if there is no other must be humans who have caused it...Now that's what I call real science!

No wonder Key's confused.

It's a bit like King's "hot weather and full-moon madness"

Or perhaps it's just because they are politicians and they can't help themselves