Friday, April 16, 2010

Winston still attracts the old and confused

Lou's last post on winston First and the associated comments made me laugh. Someone describing themselves as "righter right" thinks 8pm is a late hour and supports winston with the description below. Obviously there are still some old and confused people out there.
Anonymous said...

His intelligence, his sincerity, his strength and his fair vision. He's not bound up with the celebrity, he's an old hand, and he gives ans good as he gets. He's ready to listen and he knows the arrogance of the major parties. Wkinston will make it back, I'd bet my house on it. National may just get the shock of their life, just as Labour did. People get brassed off when the elected elect refuse to listen.

Righter right.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typos, I blame it on the late hour, spent the day driving!


showmethetaxcut said...

I seem to remember that Adolf decreed that this website should not give this arsehole any oxygen.

So can we move on to some more meaningful and interesting topic.

Lou Taylor said...

The point of my post was just to point out that by Key attempting to keep everyone including the kitchen sink happy, he was creating space for an unscrupulous shyster like Peters to breath again.
The fact that the post attracted comments just shows that there are still Peters supporters out there.
Misguided maybe but still prepared to vote for their man.

barry said...

Theres nothing that pisses misguided people off more, than being told that they are misguided.

Liarbor didnt listen to them and Key and his ETS & Maori mates arent listening to them, so theyre gonna get REALLY pissed and vote for someone winston.

David said...

I'd be tempted to take up the house offer!!!

Lou Taylor said...

Barry i apologise for insinuating that you are misguided but to many of us the arrangement that Clark and Peters had in the previous government represented an absolute low point in our political history.
I never want to see that happen again. Key rightly distanced himself from Peters.

But a MMP election gives any man and his dog a chance. And the reality of MMP is that small parties like NZF can by the fate of a few votes have a disproportionate say.

MMP is the problem.

barry said...

No Lou - MMP is not the problem. The problem is political parties giving false promise at the election and then not following up. They could get away with that in FPP, but theyve learned nothing from the results of MMP. They will only get voters to stay if they follow up their election promises. They are slow learners.

sagenz said...

you are quite right. my apologies.
voters get what they deserve. If you are foolish and misguided enough to vote for winston first out of petulance or ignorance despite the weight of evidence against him you simply have my contempt.

Key is making change slowly on the basis (mostly) of carrying the people for the long term. Whilst we might think ETS stupid there is a strategy there

PM of NZ said...

Confusion, age, petulance, ignorance or whatever will override the lying bastard MPs that currently have the helm. Or wish to have command.

Although I would never vote for him, the return of Lazarus will put them back on track away from the separatist racist path they are currently on.

sbk said...

"Whilst we might think ETS stupid there is a strategy there"..stupid is as stupid does..strategy..whose strategy..the UN's?

sbk said...

actually the ETS reminds me of the Pineapple Lumps ad....Pineapple Lumps..contribution to GDP 0.0000$ we need another handicap.

KG said...

"Whilst we might think ETS stupid there is a strategy there"

Which is..?

David Baigent said...

@ KG,
First would be the protection of NZ food markets from the "PERCEPTION" of NZ = bad, to the acceptance that NZ food items on the shelf anywhere = buy.

Another is the spreading of the Research and Development cost for improved efficiency in conversion of pasture to product. see:

Animal genetic improvement is cheaper that Rumensin.

The list goes on.
This has got nothing to do with CO2.
The "shouters" should be able to recognize that perceptions for a voter are not always based on the full facts.
Never can be because they talk faster than they think.

Anonymous said...

8.00 pm is a late hour when you have driven from our crazy country roads all day. Winston will get back in, get over it. At least he is honest and sincere, unlike some...I am not an old codger by the way, I am only 39! This really is a club, isn't it.

Righter right.

Dex said...

Oh yes honest and sincere Winston...

He plays people like you for the fools you are. He's certainly not stupid or poorly educated like those who vote for him, he just targets the prejudices and fears of the ignorant and manipulates them into votes.

KG said...

Fair points David--but if they're the reasons then a clear and unequivocal statement to that effect from National would do a lot to dispel the perception of arrogant indifference to people's concerns. I haven't seen one and if you could point to such a statement I'd be grateful.
Those "full facts" you mention remain the responsibility of the government to lay before the taxpayers.

David Baigent said...

For most Govt."facts" go to:

In advanced filter go to the drop down menus
For your ETS question I entered
Keywords: ETS
Showing ministers for government:
National-led Government 2008-2010
Showing portfolios for government:
[Climate Change Issues]
[All Content Types]
[Any Month]

The next level of info from all points of view is likely to be the blogs.

But this only brings information to a small percentage and they argue endlessly with much belief and little understanding.

The MSM is a mixed bag.
I don't read any press these days except where quoted in blogs.
Media polls on a range of questions are useful on the day but the result has transient meaning.

Question time in Parliament is useful for both sides especially when the Speaker is straight.

KG said...

David, that isn't the government laying out the reasons clearly for the taxpayers.

Go up to any 10 people in--say--a supermarket and ask how many have been to that website. If you get one positive response I'll be very surprised indeed.
It's the government's responsibility to make the case for new taxes and to explain it, not the citizen's to search for the reasons they're being forced to pay yet more taxes in the name of some very dodgy 'science'.
In a lot of ways bloggers and blog readers live in a separate information world to the general population and it's easy to lose sight of the fact that most people rely on the media for information. If the media's not doing the job then surely the government of the day needs to take that fact into account and have strategies in place to make sure the information gets out.
The perception remains that Key and his gang are arrogantly pressing ahead with new taxes on flimsy pretexts while doing stuff-all to relieve the tax burden on the productive.
And that perception is the government's fault.
(apologies for straying so far off-topic here)

Anonymous said...

No matter how corrupt and venial Winston is - Labour has done far far more damage to NZ that WinstonFirst ever dreamed off

SO long as Winston takes Labour vote's we're fine.

But if e.g. the productivity comission was allowed to ban only one party - Labour every time!

Gazza said...

Could it be any worse than what the Maori party are getting away with, Sharples says "kiss my b####k ass" & Key says "How many times sir".