Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why sign it then?

A United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous people that New Zealand signed up to overnight will have no practical effect, Prime Minister John Key said this morning.
Why is John Key signing international declarations that will have no effect?

What's the point?

Is this the same as the poor souls who invested in Blue Chip joint ventures being told that the mortgage documents they signed on their family home "had no practical effect?"

How much did it cost for Dr Sharples to fly to New York to take part in something that will have "no effect"? How much was his carbon footprint?


Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Sharples given a big send off from the airport with hakas etc.
This has backroom deal written all over it.

baxter said...

KEY may say it will have no effect, but it is the activists on The Waitangi Tribunal, and the sympathetic socialists on the judiciary decide to interpret it that will establish the degree of effect...

KG said...

"This has backroom deal written all over it."
You bet it does!