Friday, April 23, 2010

Who do you think the Sun supports

Cam is the man


pdm said...

They have been slamming Brown and Labour for months.

Anonymous said...

"Who do you think the Sun supports"

James Murdoch thinks he can get
his own way.

Anonymous said...

Thank FUCK for a sensible paper!

It's still looking like a overwhelming win for the Tories, the Lib Dems second, and Labour wiped out in England!!

I just hope Cameron will have rather more guts than Key

Just imagine Brown, Blair, Mandelson, Campbell and all the rest in jail in the Hague where they belong

FUCKING delicious

KG said...

"I just hope Cameron will have rather more guts than Key"

He won't. He's Labour-lite, just like Key.

Anonymous said...

All three of 'em are a disgrace and neither of them will do anything to arrest Britain's continuing slide down the pan.

Anonymous said...

He won't. He's Labour-lite, just like Key.

Which part of 25% cut in spending in real terms don't you understand?

Which part of emergency budget to enforce that cut don't you understand?

And best of all, which part of criminal investigations against Labour don't you understand?

KG said...

What I understand, Anonymous is the difference between election rhetoric, lies, spin and bullshit and what these bastards do once elected.
Cameron has already backpedalled on his "cast-iron" pledge of a referendum on the question of EU membership.

That's what I understand. It seems you, naive idiot on the other hand still believe in politician's promises.

Anonymous said...

And Clegg confirms coalition with the Tories

The only quesion left is: will Labour win any seats in England!

Hell, if you NZ was so decisive.

Harpoon said...


So what who The Sun supports?

Honestly, Sagenz, do you think this is worthy of a blog post? It's like posting to say, "Hey chaps! The sky is up!"

The Sun has been a Tory Party rag since time immemorial.

Worthy of a blog post would be news that the Sun had come out in favour of Clegg.