Thursday, April 22, 2010

Which way are the UK newspapers heading on the day of teh second debate.

After the Nick Clegg win of the first leaders debate the editorial line of each of the UK National newspapers is instructive. Over the next few weeks they will have an impact on how their readership votes. I checked out the first visible story online the day of the second leaders debate.
The left Mirror and Guardian are simply pointless stories while the rest are anti Lib Dem, I make that 5 anti Lib Dem 2 pointless anti Tory and 1 pro Lib Dem.

Daily Mirror
Their only lead story is an attack that is simply inane
David Cameron spin doctors want him to have new messy hair cut for TV debate
In a move designed to defuse criticism in tonight's leaders' television debate that the Tories have allied themselves with extremists in the EU, Cameron has revealed that the shadow environment secretary, Nick Herbert, will attend a gay rights march in Warsaw in July.
The Independent
Leads with a soft interview of Clegg
Andrew Grice: Lib Dem leader’s ultimatum to rivals seeking party’s support: Only proportional representation will satisfy us
Daily Mail
Slams Clegg for being anti British

Nick Clegg has claimed that the British people have ‘a more insidious cross to bear’ than Germany over the Second World War.In an astonishing attack on our national pride, the Liberal Democrat leader said we suffered from ‘delusions of grandeur’ and a ‘misplaced sense of superiority’ over having defeated the horrors of Nazism.

Daily Express

Has three stories of which two anti Lib Demand one sympathetic to Cameron. The first political story is Ken Clarke on the dangers of a hung parliament

The second highlights Lib dem tax plans
BUYERS of new homes face a £14,000 VAT levy under plans drawn up by the Liberal Democrats.
The egg story shows Cameron has a funny side. He ad libbed "Too many twits make a twat last year and this was his response to the egg:

He dismissed the hit as the “first of the campaign”.

The day before he had been confronted by someone in a giant chicken suit. He quipped: “Now I know which came first – the chicken, not the egg.”

The Sun
NICK Clegg was plunged into a sleaze row last night after it was claimed cash from Liberal Democrat donors was paid into his private bank account.
The Times
In a Murdoch one two also nails Clegg funding
Nick Clegg faced questions last night about payments of up to £750 a month directly into his personal bank account from three Liberal Democrat donors.
Daily Telegraph
Also has the payments story
Nick Clegg received a series of payments from party donors directly into his private bank account, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.


Angus said...

No mention of the fact that Britain faces a budget deficit of 167 billion pounds and a culture in a terminal death spiral...

A culture that once ushered in the industrialized world, rule of law, developed sanitation, reduced child mortality, and sacrificed so much to fight off Nazism only 6 decades ago . . it's a pretty sad end.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks for this, Sagey. It brings the campaign alive in a way I couldn't do for myself.

Anonymous said...

it is looking like a Tory majority govt (thank GOD) with Lib Dems as opposition, and Labour wiped out in England

Frankly I think England needs PR now: get Nick Griffith into parliament.

Anonymous said...

The guilt of having a huge ego in defeating Nazism is greater than the genocide itself?


sagenz said...

Adolf - not sure if I am boring everyone into submission with multi posts but it is the best chance globally for a Conservative government right now.

anon wtf - Yeah that was my thoughts.

the article is still live at the Guardian and he actually wrote it, no exaggeration.