Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Forest and Bird Don't Tell You

HomePaddock has a post on the successful resource consent application for a new irrigation scheme in South Canterbury, called Hunter Downs. Her post is all pretty straight forward until you get to this gem, tucked away toward the end.

There have also been social benefits. For the first time since the ag-sag of the 80s farmers’ adult children have returned home for work. There were eight houses on our road before the scheme was launched, now there are 13.

This is the sort of thing which is anathema to the Luddites who would have most of the country depopulated if they could.


KG said...

It's good news, but one wonders what the application cost--and how long it took.
Time for the RMA to be euthanised.

alex Masterley said...

I saw that.

Hopefully it means the start of a trend of repopulation of rural areas.

Forest & Bird will hate people actually living out in the rural hinterland so I expect to see other irrigation schemes fiercely opposed as and when they are notified.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes Alex.

The remote Northland valley in which I was brought up had sufficient families to support a three teacher primary school but not aany more and not for twenty years. If only we had the wit to produce real jobs in these areas again.