Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Deaths? Who Died?

While skimming ABC news today Adolf came across this piece which immediately caused eyebrows to go up.

A Federal Environment Department insider has told tonight's Four Corners program that senior bureaucrats were warned about insulation worker deaths under a scheme rolled out in New Zealand in 2007, but safety issues were considered "of less importance than job creation".

Maybe I was asleep in 2007 and 2008 but I don't remember any publicity about people dying as a direct result of kindly Helen's Killer Government and its generosity to her cold and shivering hordes of low income welfare dependent indentured Labour voters.

Help me out, will you?

Obviously the Aussies know something we don't.

Here's the Four Corners transcript.

DENNIS D’ARCY, INSULATION COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA & NZ: Peter said well you know if, ah, if ah, foil insulation is included in this programme, ah, you should be aware that, ah, there has been, um, some fatalities in New Zealand and this needs to be taken into account.

WENDY CARLISLE: The minutes of the meeting clearly reveal...

(Voiceover reading from the report)

"Peter Ruz provided an example in New Zealand, where a similar program had to be suspended because three people electrocuted themselves."

Did Clark's Killer Gummint programme allow for DIYers (later to be DIEers) to obtain a subsidy to insulate their own homes?


Phil (Pacific Empire) said...


"Henshaw Group Ltd won the ACC award for Best Leadership of an Industry Sector or Region at the 2008 Safeguard New Zealand Health and Safety Awards, for recognising and responding quickly to a significant hazard.
There have been five electrocutions involving under-floor insulation foil in recent years. At the end of 2006, a New Zealand Standard was published that covered the installation of insulation, including under-floor foil."


"Budden's death is the third of its type this year, and on Friday the Government issued a warning, cautioning those who loved DIY to keep safe"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Many thanks, Phil.

So it's another non story perhaps. DIYers are hardly in the same league as gummint appointed contractors.

Harpoon said...

Are you interested because:
(a) workers might have died, and therefore you're upset at their employer failing to take all practicable steps to prevent the deaths? OR
(b) the workers were installing insulation, at the behest of the evil Labour PM, and therefore said PM is a murderer?

Just asking.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Harpoon, you got it in two. I didn't think you had any analytical skills.