Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well Might They Change Their Brand

What a coincidence.

In the same week that Ian Wishart blows the whistle on the tawdry sordid goings on within Clark's Labour administration (also Goff's and King's), National reveals that Labour is desperately trying to give itself a make-over.

If one takes with a grain of salt some of the more lurid claims of the child involved in this latest media ignored scandal of a scandal laden Labour government, there remains a hard core of factual detail which calls into question the judgement, morals and ethics of Labour. It is clear the parliamentary wing of the party not only condoned but actually contrived to have a vulnerable thirteen year old youngster (a) given the run of the parliamentary precinct, (b) plied with alcohol and (c) exposed to the unspeakable evil of left wing politicians.

Adolf can easily describe Labour in six words:-



Murray said...

You missed lesbian.

Murray said...

Actually I take that back. i don't miss the lesbian at all.

Anonymous said...

Barnett supposedly told the boy that Clark, Tizard and Simpson were involved in lesbian sexual activity.

Baby what a big surprise !

Anonymous said...

The leftie infested Mainstream media have been very quiet with this scandal.
It is as if they have a code of silence.

Psycho Milt said...

The "leftie infested Mainstream media" aren't interested in peddling idle gossip from dubious sources to further Ian Wishart's anti-gay agenda?

Ya don't say.

Anonymous said...

Psycho Milt It is selective morality.
Why is it acceptable for Labours weirdoes to have an unusual friendship with a minor While it is not acceptable For a National Mp to have a fling with a honey trap?