Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watch This Sleeper

It's the small headlines late in the evening that often carry the juiciest red meat.

Who ever imagined in their wildest dreams that the Serious Fraud Office might be called in to investigate ACC?

Here's the real teaser:-

"......over possibly fraudulent property dealings stretching back several years."

Which several years happen to be those during which Labour was running riot, turning ACC into an extension of the welfare state. The civil servants would have taken their moral lead from the government of the day.

Adolf suggests interested bloggers should be looking for (a) evidence of Labour Party membership and or activism on the part of these gummint funded serious fraudsters and (b) evidence of their ill gotten gains finding their way into Labour Party bank accounts.

Look forward to a fascinating report shortly before election time.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Adolt, you're basing this allegation on what exactly? I guess with respect to your credibility, when you got nothing you got nothing to lose, so proceed. It's very amusing.

Judge Holden

Simon said...

Sacked for “failing to follow policies and procedures.” LOL. You cant be sacked for this.

This is code for high level corrpution that got out of hand but it will be too embarrassing for the bureaucratics to let the public know.

I read the link first before the rest of your comments and thought along the same lines. If it is high level government corruption in Wellington there will have been kick backs to the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows the deal - ACC & co rent from Bob Jones & co who kick-back to Labour...

why else has there been so much new building in Wellington over the last 10 years?

Anonymous said...

Yep, there can be no other possible explanation. That has to be it. Slam dunk! High level "corrpution" by the "bureaucratics"! Thank God for the blogs. The lame stream media would never have come to this inevitable conclusion, 'coz they're part of the conspiracy! Keep it up.

Judge Holden