Friday, April 9, 2010


My previous post on the award of 'ANZAC of the Year' to John Masters attracted this comment from a scumbag who gloried in the title of 'Anonymous'.

His/her posting at 4.38 read in part "But hey, this is a world where the Vet thinks a guy who led our glorious troops slaughter those pesky Malays who just wanted to be free from our benficient colonial rule is worthy of national honour ...."

Clearly he/she is somewhat ignorant of history (Malaya gained its independence 9 years previous and we were fighting with them against the invading Indonesian Communists) and has problems with spelling, grammar and syntax (thanks to our 'top notch' education system) but clearly also the hate and bitterness against soldiers sent to do their duty is alive and well in someone whom, I suspect, thinks Keith Locke walks on water.

My anger against scum like that is assuaged somewhat by this e-mail received from a Malaysian student who watched the programme 'Return to Malaya' screened Wednesday on MTV.

"Dear Sirs

I am a Malaysian student studying at Waikato University. Last night I watched the Malayan Veterans documentary on Maori television and at the end of that programme I had tears in my eyes.

I am proud that the NZ Veterans were very positive about my country when they visited in 2007. Although it is sad that the NZ Government and public does not give the recognition that you deserve, rest assured that we Malaysians are very grateful and are forever in your debt.

Hutung emas boleh dibayar, hutung budi dibaea mati (a debt of gold can be repaid but a debt of deeds is taken to the grave). For this I say terima kaseh and a happy a peaceful life to all of your members.

Best wishes

Ariff Khalid"

Thank you Ariff Khalid and for 'Anonymous' ... just don't step in front of my car (or perhaps please do)


WebWrat said...

Just in case it gets missed on the other post!

Anon 4:38 is a prime example of how fucked our education system is

Christ it saddens me to think my father's generation fought a war to achieve the freedom that allows their children to become the very enemies that they fought.

My dear old (deceased) Dad who did two tours in Wellington bombers, one tour in Mosquitos and was a founding pilot of RNZAF 40 Transport Squadron flying unarmed transport in the Pacific, would now wonder why he bothered.

As for the three wankers who take pride in destroying other people's property .... if they can't pay the damages they should go to jail.

They should be going to jail anyway ... they committed a crime FFS!

It's quite amazing to compare what people get away with these days to what the convicts did to earn their life-long OE to Aussie in the 1800's.

Anonymous said...

My sister and her husband were stationed in Singapore during the " Emergency "..

Myself and my sister husband did duty in Borneo..

My sister served in the hospitals .. Their sons were born in Singapore during their time there.

We have nothing to be ashamed about..


Anonymous said...

@ WebWrat - aaaaah, the good old days, eh? When you could colonise Australia by convicting and exiling the starving Brit poor for nicking a loaf of bread. What justice you bring to the masses....

"They [the Waihopai ploughshares] should be going to jail anyway ... they committed a crime FFS! [WebWrat]"
Yes, acquitted people should be imprisoned when you - the mighty WebWrat - disagree with the judge and jury. In fact, why bother with that expensive justice system at all, just send everyone to Australia in chains, aye?

@ adam1234 - if you have nothing to be ashamaed of, why do you feel the need to point that out? Are you hiding your family's part in the ongoing colonisation of Malaysia?

@ Veteran - your bluster aside - what nationality were those 'communists' being killed in the 'Malayan Emergency' again? No Malays then? And I suppose the Dutch were right to try hanging on to Indonesia after WW2? Keep those colonies boys - they've got oil and forests, and tin and rubber...

You can always find a few colonial authority figures who want the old colonial powers to prop them up, but that just begs the question - if the 'natives' are so keen on Britain keeping her Malay colony, who is fighting to free Malaysia fro British political and economic rule?

"The rubber plantations and tin mining industries had pushed for the use of the term "emergency" since their losses would not have been covered by Lloyd's insurers if it had been termed a "war". [Wikipedia]". Hilarious.

No amount of your revisionist history will change the truth about the Anti-British National Liberation War.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Veteran - isn't threatening to kill someone a crime in NZ? So why are you threatening to kill an anonymous commenter? (by running them over with your car) Guess that free speech principle didn't fit for you capitalists, huh?

K Marx