Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Take only the drugs issued to you by your boss or supervisor"

Remember Labour? You know who I mean - govt types, a few years back now. Everyone hated them because they were always deciding you weren't behaving how they'd like you to, and thinking up ways to punish you for it. We gave 'em the boot in the end, because we'd had enough of them treating us like poorly-behaved children in need of SuperNanny. Yeah, that was them. Wankers.

Remember how fucked up they were? They'd pull shit like increasing the taxes on smoking and drinking, despite existing taxes already covering the negative effects of those activities, just because you're smoking and drinking more than they'd like you to. Or they'd try and restrict the supply of tobacco and alcohol, and the advertising of it, because you obviously can't be trusted with it like they can. Never bothered trying to enforce the laws we already had to prevent people misbehaving, just thought up new ones to add to the pile.

Fuck it's a good thing we got rid of those guys, eh?


Barnsley Bill said...

Find me a smoker who is blissfully unaware of the damage that they are doing to themselves.

We smokers have nothing to moan about.

A more honest approach from Key and co would be to sit us down with a nice cup of tea and say;
"look guys and girls, here is the situation. The last lot were mad, they spent all the fucking money on crap we did not need and make work shit to to make half the country dependant on the state.
We need to bleed the productive a bit more for a year or two until we have had time to unwind the damage."

KG said...

You know, BB I wouldn't have much of a problem with that approach.
It's the slimy dishonesty which sticks in my craw with this lot.

disillusioned nat-voter said...

Damn right, Milt!

Eric Crampton said...

@Barnsley: Unwinding? Are they really unwinding? I admire your faith.

Dave Mann said...

Well said, Milt.

You must be splitting your sides laughing at the delicious irony of the so-called 'centre right' morphing into an indigenous separatist socialist alliance right in front of the electorate's eyes!

The only thing is, at the moment the electorate seems to be too stupid to see what these assholes are doing to our country, our society and our future.

This tobacco tax invrease thing is nothing, actually. Who gives a flying fuck? It is nothing more than a (very successful) propaganda ploy to take the people's eyes off the fact that the National Socialists are giving our country to the Maoris while they simultaneously fuck our economic future with their ETS.