Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Selling a Nation.

So now all non Maori immigrants will be living in a New Zealand where they are regarded as second class citizens.

Key's proviso, that "Maori rights will only be progressed under our current legal and constitutional frameworks" sounds to me like a Claytons clause.

Every aspect of our lives will now have this UN decree hung over us, right along side the Treaty.
And I mean every. The gravy train just got a few carriages longer.

You will not read a newspaper, hear a radio report or watch a TV news without seeing or hearing the words "UN, Indigenous, Decree, Rights, Treaty" in some shape or form.

It just reinforces a sad conclusion that I have reached.

New Zealand is fast becoming a place where "every man for himself" will be the underlying principle.
A multicultural society living under a long black cloud.

Buying a Race by selling a Nation.


Anonymous said...

Read the UN treaty.

It's now"every man for the Indigenous"

Hate to say so, but there were real reasons why even Red Hellen woiuldn't sign this.

But now Key has - and no matter what he thinks it means the new Indigenous Court this treaty requires (Indigenous peoples must have complete sovereignty over their own justice system and laws) will be damn clear about what it means.

So how much do you like living in Aotearoa under Paramount Chief Hone Harawira?

Lou Taylor said...

Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign as Head of State
• National and personal security
• Equal citizenship and equal opportunity
• Individual freedom and choice
• Personal responsibility
• Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement
• Limited government
• Strong families and caring communities
• Sustainable development of our environment

From the National Party Vision and Value statement.

"equal citizenship" ?

Anonymous said...

This is a continuation of policy that supports a devisive world view.

This is just another example of many in recent weeks. For example, last week ERMA allowed only 'non' Maori genes (which as a molecular biologist I find impossible to define) to be used by AgResearch in the research of new therapeutics.

We must find a common ground for us as a people that is not based on ridiculous racial divisions.

Maori leadership is selling Maori and non-Maori alike down the river.

KG said...

I'm looking forward to reading Adolf's take on this.

Alan said...

Key is socialist and in the wrong
party. He bows to every whim of the U.N. National is simply the
default Labour party, populated by a pack of 'wankers'.

Anonymous said...

Key is socialist and in the wrong party. He bows to every whim of the U.N. National is simply the default Labour party, populated by a pack of 'wankers'.

Which part of even Hellen wouldn't sign this don't you understand.


This blog is in breach of Article 8(e), Article 15, and Article 16 of the UN Declaration which is now part of Aotearoa Law. Please remove all blog posts not in conformance with the Treaty.

KG said...

And waiting....