Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Racial extermination is supposed to be funny?

farrar and slater via danyl seem to find the MIA Born Free video funny. farrar says "I agree it is a wonderful vision of the future, that we can aspire to."

I watched it with a growing sense of concern, then disgust and revulsion, waiting for some kind of redemption. But there was nothing. That clip takes what was a kind of socially acceptable racial prejudice to a whole new level. I am not going to link it, you know where kiwiblog and whaleoil are.

What if they were fat, black, muslim, jewish or mentally ill? Ah, that would be different? Why? That clip with one or more of those categories would be funny or acceptable to some group of people around the world.

It is already "OK" to bully ginger haired kids in school. Will it stop being funny when a child takes their own life as a result of being bullied?
Or will it stop being funny when some of those limited intelligence bullies grow up and believe violence towards red heads is socially acceptable?
Or will it stop being funny when some of them join the police and believe brutality is acceptable?
Or will it only stop being funny when a dictator somewhere actually rounds up and executes red headed people for their crime?
Or was it never really funny at all but simply an excuse for small minded people to display prejudice towards a minority in order to big themselves up at the expense of others.

I used to believe that "teasing" of "gingas" was innocent humour until I came across a family of red heads whilst out canvassing for the Conservatives. The son had been bullied at school and when the parents took it up with the teacher they were told he should do something about the colour of his hair. Something he was born with. So the playground taunts extend to the reality of life. I asked myself where does the prejudice stop?

Take the easy out and accuse me of a sense of humour failure. I don't get the "in joke". No. I reject the idea that killing other humans for something they are born with and have no control over is in any way socially acceptable, even as "humour". There is a fine line between humour, intolerance and offence. The South Park deliberately offensive humour does not target any one group in particular but simply plays back human flaws and insecurities. It is fair minded in targeting everyone. The ten most hilariously offensive South Park scenes (in google ranking opinion) are listed here. This is the most offensive one.
Randy Marsh's Wrong Answer on Wheel of Fortune: This was the most brilliant opening scene in South Park history. The producers were smart in not giving away any part of this episode in the previews. Randy Marsh is in the final round of Wheel of Fortune. The category is "people who annoy you". It is seven letters long and after receiving the letters "r", "s", "t", "l", and "e", it is spelt out _ _ _ _ E R S. Randy guesses B, G, N, and an "O" to reveal N _ G G E R S. The audience looks on with blank faces as the black cameraman has an angry look on his face. Randy becomes nervous and starts to say how he knows the answer, but shouldn't say it. Eventually, with time running out, he exclaims eagerly in anticipation of winning a lot of money "NIGGERS!". Time runs out, Vanna (looking very ashamed) walks over to the puzzle to reveal that the answer was actually naggers. Extremely funny and genius opening scene to a great South Park episode.

Watch that red head video and compare it with the humour described above and see if you can spot the difference.


PC said...

No, you're right. The video was revolting. There was not an ounce of humour in it, and zero redeeming value.

Anyone who finds humour in seeing, in sharp close up, a young woman get shot through the head needs their own head read.

I won't be linking to it either. It disgusts me.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Such is the vacuous desert which passes for modern day intellect.

Dex said...

It's interesting to note that given both Farrar's and Whaleoil's physical appearence how much delight they seem to take in finally being able to redirect some of the bullying and mockery they both undoubtedly suffered.

Not even remotely funny, clever or smart. Replace ginger with black and you get the same mentality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I didn't see humour, subtle point or anything in it....... just a bunch of red heads being rounded up and herded like cattle (or worse than cattle)

I don't know what they were thinking its not like Farrar to do that.......he normally bends over backwards to come across as moderate and reasonable...........unless someone tied him up and hacked his blog


JC said...

I watched to the halfway mark and found no redeeming feature to justify the bandwidth and stopped it. Even a brilliant punchline couldn't justify wasting that many minutes of dross, and I'm appalled it apparently got worse.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that it was done to highlight injustice/militarism/racism rather than to encourage it.

Doesn't seem that people are taking it that way though.


Dave said...

That is the spin since it has backfired Catherine and people are backpeddling furiously. I don't believe that rationalisation for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Don't read too much in it:

1 - Danyl's hair looks like Beaker's (of the Muppets fame)

2 - Whaleoil's hair is so greasy it could be squeezed and the resulting exudate used as diff oil.

3 - Farraf has only skin covering his pate. 'nuff said.

kehua said...

Farrer and Whale OB, had giggles about that revolting piece of shit? Shame on them, there are right now somewhere in this World, sickos that would take this seriously

Anonymous said...

Anyone who finds humour in seeing, in sharp close up, a young woman get shot through the head needs their own head read

Come on... if that "young woman" is a unionist, or a labour MP - it's all good!