Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A question

I just read the story in the Herald about the 160 defense personnel who are unable to make it back for the funerals of the three serivcemen killed in the chopper crash. Apparently it is proving dificult to change flights from Turkey to get them all back in time.
My question. With some supplementaries.
Why are so many servicemen (and women I presume) travelling to Galipoli?
Are they funding themselves or is it funded by the military?
If it is funded, do they normally have such a large presence?

I do have issues with the military in this country, based mainly around the fact that they used a VC recipient for publicity and successive governments have neglected them and bought armoured personnel carriers that are useless, boats that make people ill and are unsafe and we have an airforce that seems to strugle getting past Brisbane without a breakdown. However I would not want anybody to think I am showing any disrespect to the personnel of our armed forces. Because none is intended.
Just wondering why such a large group has gone.


Gooner said...

John Key had 159 bags with him - each carried one.

The 160th was the cook.

Barnsley Bill said...

All jokes aside, I am wondering why the PM needs to go every year as well. If the service personnel are funded I think a better use of the money would be to have them spread around every RSA in the country.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Naaah Gooner. She was here all the time.

PM of NZ said...


They do spread themselves around a lot of RSA's each ANZAC Day.

Barnsley Bill said...

That was what I thought. In a previous life I lived in raglan for 5 years. Our club always had a few serviceman along for the day.

pdm said...

There were 10 or 12 on show at Westminster Abbey on Sunday. A mix of the three services. Matching equal numbers of Aussies.

DenMT said...

As an aside, they even sent a Navy representative from England all the way over here to Gothenburg in Sweden. I was at the Anzac Day celebrations with some Antipodean mates and we had some drinks with her and the Aussie Navy bloke (and played two-up). Pretty sure the military ensures representation across all territories with NZ soldiers buried there. Here in GBG we have a cemetery with five Aussies and a Kiwi that apparently washed up after naval battles in WWII. There is also a New Zealand serviceman buried out in the Gothenburg archipelago.


The Veteran said...

Hmmmm ... methinks more crap reporting by an incompetent journo interviewing a typewriter.

Fact ... NZ took a 757 up to Turkey. The PM travelled separately

Included on the flight were 20 School kids - winners of the ANZAC essay competition ... problems with that - no.

and 20 veterans with family links to the Gallopoli campaign ... problems with that - no.

plus chaperons for the kids and attendants and medical personnel for the veterans some of whom were in their 70s and 80s. They had to walk 8k to be various sites including Chanuk Bair ... problems with that - no.

Slip Crews for the aircraft ... or would you prefer they flew direct Wellington - Istambul with no crew change?

Catafalque Party for the service on Chunak Bair - or would you prefer we did it on the cheap compared with our Aust cousins.

And of course military personnel travelling 'on duty' don't pay for it themselves. It's a job.

The PM doesn't go "every year". This was his first time.

Glad that the poster made it clear he wasn't being disrespectful to the military.

Barnsley Bill said...

Thanks for the explanation Vet, now why can't those useless mongs in the media explain that?
The headline number of 160 looked high but when you break it down like that it makes sense.

WM said...

Ah - Veteran - you forgot to include the,now, obligatory, haka-bludge group!