Friday, April 23, 2010

Question of the day

Why is it illegal in New Zealand for a 16 year old straight out from school to accept a job that pays $420 per week?

Why does the State prefer that person go on the dole and receive $180 from you and I?


Lou Taylor said...

Mostly because we pretend that we are still a rich country with a stong employment base.
The reality is that now that access to a job and cash are king in this country.
To deny our youth the chance to get on a career ladder is criminal.
But they probably don't see it that way. They have been educated on their equal rights to a full salary from day one of their working career.
They have been over promised by socialists, trade unions and idiots like McCarten.
Over promised because the socialists want their votes.
They have been duped and will pay the price long term.
Commonsense would tell any kid that working for a couple of years at a lower rate to gain experience to move to a higher paying job is the logical thing to do.
But logic has never been part of any socialists plan for your life.

Anonymous said...

We have to remember that Obama is far to the right of ACT

every political party in NZ is leftist
(and that includes the libs).

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A very very good speech. Pity nobody was there to hear it.

Anonymous said...

excellent speech.pretty typical of tigerpig to try to deny the logic inherently displayed

Heine said...

Anybody who knows Sir Roger knows he is this passionate about what he believes in. National should be ashamed in their support for this.

I see many occasions when the house is empty during some good speeches. I douby it would have made any difference to the Nats if there were in attendence.

sagenz said...

You have to wonder how even people with the modicum of intelligence that MP's must have cannot per persuaded that youth rates are so iniquitous

Frank said...

Sickening that the only voice in parliament on this subject is the old war horse Douglas and best you can get from Labour is jibes from smart arses like Mallard .Who notably have presided over the worst productivity performance NZ has ever seen in boom years to boot.

I feel very sorry for youngsters today trying to break into the workforce as I came from a privileged 60s generation when we had jobs to burn BUT none of the bullshit expectations that this generation have had force feed to them