Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now You Know

The drunk you thought is Mayor of North Shore at last has admitted he is using the mayoralty as a platform for entry into national politics.

"The emails forwarded to the Star-Times reveal Williams – who has indicated he wants a position on the new Auckland super city council – was also keen to enter national politics............

............A little time for a breather before I launch my next exocet missile at Hide et al."

Like all good lefties he is stealing someone else's money to fund his campaign. This time, instead of pinching taxpayers' funds through Parliamentary Services, our very own alcohols arsehole from the North Shore is using my rates.

Of course, the silly little man hasn't stopped to wonder who on earth will have him.

There's no electorate on The Shore in which he would stand a chance of retaining his deposit so that leaves him resorting to plan B, the Labour List. Even Phil Goff ain't that stupid.

The Greens? Naaah, they want tree huggers not tree pissers.

Oh well. It's back to the bottle for more inspiration.

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