Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It will rain one day

Labour leader Phil Goff says Prime Minister John Key is a good politician, but he believes the public will tire of him.
If you wait long enough, yes the public will tire of him. Eventually. That's human nature. It's also called hope. It seems hope is all Labour has right now.

I was talking to a parliamentary insider about 9 months prior to the last election. This person was imbedded in the walls of the Beehive. At this time, Key and National were plenty ahead of Labour. Clark seemed nonchalant. Not fussed.

Her strategy, as Labour's chief political strategist, was to give Key the longest honeymoon he had ever seen and then bring him back to life, with a thud.

Then H Fee flopped.

Then Labour hoped.

And still Labour hopes.


sagenz said...

And the child waits...

It seems like an excellent electoral strategy for Labour to wait, especially when they have no clue about genuine policy.

Bore them into submission

Psycho Milt said...

I don't think there's much policy Labour could present at the moment - Key's got National running a centre-left programme, so where's Goff going to score a point of difference? Labour doesn't have much choice but to wait until National moves off Labour's policy turf (presumably it must do eventually).

Anonymous said...

There's no reason whatsoever - apart from Key gettting sick of it himself - that Key couldn't remain PM until he's over 70.

Twenty Years of "Do Nothing" Key Government

Of course, just three years of say Rodney/Roger/David government would make more changes than Key might manage in twenty.