Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Thought Money Was Tight

But not over at ASB Community Trust, so it seems.

Readers may be surprised to learn the ASB Community Trust is a regular funder of the left's flagship anti Amerikan, anti military, anti business, anti sovereign nation outfit, The Foundation for Peace Studies Aotearoa NZ otherwise known as The Peace Foundation.

This outfit is a regular supper at the ASB trough. During the last three years, it was been handed over $125,000:-

  • 2009...............$50,000
  • 2008...............$30,000
  • 2007...............$45,168
Some of its key people include:-

A vice president of the CTU, an ex head of Greenpeace NZ, a senior office bearer in the Values Party and The Greens, a ex Labour Party president and soon to be unemployed city mayor, a Labour appointed flunky to the UN and several proponents of World Government and a World Court.

Funnily enough, the Companies Office does not list the personnel of this incorporated society.

The last set of accounts was lodged in 2007 and shows income of $790k including grants of $73k.
Adolf is intrigued to know how this outfit maintains its tax free status when its accounts show little evidence of charitable activity and when no accounts have been filed for the last two years. One wonders to whom it paid out $350k worth of 'wages' and for what work.

In 2007 the Foundation gained some $390k revenue from 'contract income' but shows only $116k unspecified contract expenses.

It is be based at 29 Princes St Auckland which appears to be very close to the Auckland branch of the Labour Party. Adolf would be extremely interested to know how much of The Foundations' funds (and the ASB Trust's funds) travelled the short distance from the Foundation to the Labour Party. There were some $57k worth of donations.

Adolf wonders if the ASB ever checks up to see how these funds are expended. It's about time they started looking.


KG said...

Brilliant work, Adolf!

Barnsley Bill said...

Excelent post. Another reason why an independant commission of enquiry was needed after the thieves and liars were thrown from office in 2008. How many other little cash daisy chains have been propping up Labour and enriching it's senior troughers over the years?

Anonymous said...
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sagenz said...

You can contact ASB Community Trust to complain about their funding of political protestors here

sagenz said...

Well done Adolf. For any doubters the link to their own website is here
search on peace.
suggest you edit that comment about banks Adolf

KG said...

I just sent them a copy of the post and invited them to explain. Not holding my breath waiting for the reply though...

sagenz said...

KG - Well done, I have done the same.