Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goff on Maori seats

Phil In was on Newstalk ZB last night with Larry Williams and was asked what his position was in regards to Maori seats on the Auckland Council. Williams said "..because I read the speech and couldn't find any mention of it".

Goff responded "Oh yes, it's in there".

Williams said "Really? I couldn't see it."

Goff then bumbled his way through an answer that supported racist seats on the council. But he lied with regards to it being in the speech.

I guess Labour has changed its position.

But Goff still lied. It's not in the speech. In fact, if you search for the word Maori, it only appears once and nothing is said in the speech about guaranteed Maori seats.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Filk Off needs to be very careful.

Lying to the media usually causes an extremely aggressive media campaign against the liar.