Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First The Aussies, Now The Dreaded Hun

Germany walks away from the warmening nonsense.

Frustrated by the climate change conference in December, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is quietly moving away from her goal of a binding agreement on limiting climate change to 2 degrees Celsius. She has also sent out signals at the EU level that she no longer supports the idea of Europe going it alone.

What's a poor little Key Wee to do?

REPEAL THE BLOODY THING John, before you get trampled in the rush.


Lucia Maria said...

I don't think John Key is listening. But, we can hope and maybe even pray that he does the sensible thing.

Lucia Maria said...

In fact, I'll add this to my Rosary intentions tonight.

David said...

Christ how many other signals does the clown need. Stop the madness. I can quite easily afford to pay more and I will keep driving my 3 litre BMW and I live in a brand new double glazed insulated house. I think it is the mentalness of being the only country in the world to be this monumentally stupid is driving me to tears.It will sink his government. Latest poll in Aus says only 36% of the population trust Rudd on climate change.

Inventory2 said...

Agree 100% Adold, David and Lucia. I'm a long-time Nat supporter, but htis is starting to hack me off big-time.

Pull the pin John


pdm said...

Adolf you omitted to say - and withdraw from Kyoto while you are doing it.

Anonymous said...

These guys are not dolts, but they are sinister.

I would trust him as far as I could throw him.

Anonymous said...

Key has wasted a golden opportunity to put NZ on a winning road. In fact he has wasted Nationals chances of being in government for a long period.

Does he not realise how much he has pissed off 'his' electorate with:-
the ETS,
the signing of the indigenous peoples document
the smacking law?

And he is still going to fark us over with the foreshore and tax changes.

I will not vote for him again.


KG said...

Perhaps the problem is MMP? It allows a small party which gained very few votes to wield disproportionate power. Key is effectively hostage the the Maori Party, which is drooling at the prospect of large payouts under the ETS.

Anonymous said...

We suffer the mouthings of politicians, but why do we imbue them with intellect?