Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Message From Otara

Adolf arose early on this Good Friday and, in search of spiritual inspiration, surveyed the news from a number of sources.

This headline caught his eye.

Bats and fence paling used in Otara brawl

Reminds me of an incident some years ago in April wherein a group of Samoans beset a young Tongan sitting on a bench in Otara shopping centre. They hacked him to death with machetes and cane knives. (Today's PI yoof are of a gentler bent. They've learned the difference between tazers and guns.)

The next day, graffiti'd along a prominent wall, one could read the yuletide message:-

"Only 228 chopping days to Christmas."

1 comment:

Chemist Peter said...

Ah yes, the Otara CHOPPING Mall.
Remember that day well in 1988.