Monday, April 26, 2010


Matt McCarten is the reason why I will never pay to read the Herald.
Week after week of left wing tripe dished up.
And yesterday's effort rates amongst the worst.

This coward seems to think that freedom and free speech come from "rights".
How wrong he is.

His ability to get up in the morning and express his point of view is not only the end result of 95 years of fighting and sacrifice, but thousands of years of toil, warfare, defeats and victories.
Our ancestors only ever did what they thought was the right thing at the time - fight or be conquered.
I am glad they chose to fight. And sad that many made the ultimate sacrifice.
Their brave actions reflect the essence of the human spirit.

To slag them off and belittle them now is about as low as you can go as a human.

Maybe one day McCarten will write an article expressing horror at the needless deaths of the millions murdered, unarmed, in the hands of the Stalin and Lenin's of this world.
All in the name of creating their perfect world.
But I won't be holding my breath.

War delivers freedom.
Socialism only ever delivers death and slavery.

In 100 years, on ANZAC Day, we will still remember.
And McCarten will thankfully be long forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Mao's.


leftrightout said...

WW1 was never about freedom.

It was about trade and empire, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one, I read the article by McCarten and immediately thought of six words to describe it.
Smarmy, cowardly, snide, bludger, pathetic, weasel.

This tosser makes my skin crawl.


Anonymous said...

What you need to understand is that his mummy did the right thing when she threw him away after birth. The bitch could tell a bastard when she saw one. Bet you she still has the placenta in her deep freeze.

Swiftman the infidel

MacDoctor said...

Stalin and Lenin? Absolute pikers compared to Pol Pot...

Not in the same league as far as murdering bastards go.

Murray said...

Jesus another lefty with a hard on for terrorists.

What a skid mark in then underpants of humanity.

I see you let leftrightout soil your comments section as well. we don;t let commies do that shit on Silent Running. We exercise OUR fre3edoms.

KG said...

Yup, Murray, sometimes a shit-filter is simple hygiene. ;)

Anonymous said...

That you can read & write- Thank a Teacher.

That you read & write in English in a free country- thank a Soldier!

Simo said...

Poor old Matt just looks like a character off Monty Python, however, every week he turns out the same old SAD SACK lefty diatribe which so backfires on him - does the Herald actually pay him for this, or does he have to pay for the space himself?

iggy said...

"War delivers freedom?!"

That is up there with "work will set you free."

Orwell would be proud.

Lou Taylor said...

Our freedom is a direct result of wars. Had we lost in WW2, you would be making stupid comments in Japanese.The other point is that even the losers have done pretty well with the freedom.

Anonymous said...

You should tell the Swiss that they haven't been free for 500 years because the mailman of war hasn't delivered their freedom package. They probably don't know.

Also when are you going to advocate for the invasion of the Scandinavian slave states? I mean the Norwegians are enslaved!!

Judge Holden

Lou Taylor said...

Thats right Judge, if only all European countries had declared themselves neutral in 1939.
It would have saved everyone a lot of bother.

Anonymous said...

Your the one you made the blanket statement "war delivers freedom" Lou. If you meant to say WWII delivered freedom, you should have.

Likewise, you must be appalled by the Scandinavian slave states. They've been socialist (communist by tea-bagger standards) for 60 years. The people there must be labouring under false consciousness. Will you help them lose their chains?

Judge Holden

Lou Taylor said...

Hitler would have screwed Scandanavia if he had had half a chance. Their standard of living now would not be so high if that had happened.
Thankfully a few good people denied him the opportunity.
Their freedom is directly related to that fact.