Thursday, April 29, 2010

Common Sense Peeps Through The Door

Good Bye ETS sings Dr Smith while John Kixote continues to croon Good Buy ETS.

At long last it looks as though the insanely dopey Emmissions Trading Scheme will get the arse.

The Government said yesterday it would probably ditch the rest of the emissions trading scheme as scheduled beyond 2013 if its major trading partners did not have schemes as well.

It's an interesting move. Dr Smith plays to the home audience and PM Key addresses the international wankers who still believe the junk science of the warmeniser extremists.

Dr Smith said the Australian Government announcement was no surprise and that it was not the only important market.

He said of 38 countries with obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, 29 had an ETS in place.

In fact only two of them, Norway and Switzerland, of the 29 are not members of the European Union scheme.

I'd be interested to see Dr Smith's list of the twenty nine countries he alleges already have instituted their own version of the economic disaster. Methinks they will include few of our serious trading partners.

Is this a case where bloggers can quietly take a little credit for bringing pressure to bear?


KG said...

"Is this a case where bloggers can quietly take a little credit for bringing pressure to bear?"

Well Adolf the only pressure I've seen you bring to bear has been in the last couple of days.
Up until then you were a full-time apologist for National.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Keith, I had not realised you were an idiot.

KG said...

What, you're really claiming some credit for this, Rob?

David Baigent said...

"Is this a case where bloggers can quietly take a little credit for bringing pressure to bear?"

No Adolf the bloggers cannot do anything quietly.
You alone have been shouting in RED font just a day or so back.

The whole rabble has been becoming increasingly strident and abusive.

So many bloggers have lost all memory of the last Govt and are now vowing to never vote for National ever again.
It's my belief that the majority of those promises have never voted for National in the past. Heh..

It appears that normal rational bloggers look in a very short sighted way at single episodes and do not see the complexity of real life or trade or economically creative effort.

To state that this National Govt is acting like the last Labour Party is just dumb.

To say that you are going to vote in a given way this far out from an election says that you are not part of the 50% of Kiwis that were polled for their opinion.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

My my, David. What an extraordinary response to an almost timid rhetorical question.

I suggest to you that bloggers can in fact take 'a little' credit in this case. We are one part of the 'public' opinion which is gauged in many ways by governments. You might do well to remember commenters are not bloggers. I don't recall indulging in some of their nonsense you incorrectly attribute to bloggers.

Oh and KG, I've been an outspoken critic of the ETS for more than six months, old chap, not to mention Fiji.

Apparently if one uses a colour to emphasise a point one is accused of being part of a strident and abusive rabble.

In fact, I thought the moniker 'John Qixote' very aptly describes the PM's attitude to global warming and the ETS. It's an excellent analogy with his loyal but blinkered henchman lumbering along beside him.

Sally said...

Wouldn't pressure such as letters to the Polis and even better hundreds of emails landing in their email box each day be more effective?

KG said...

"So many bloggers have lost all memory of the last Govt and are now vowing to never vote for National ever again."

So many bloggers remember the last government all too well and they're vowing to not vote National next time because they see the same arrogance, the same backroom deals, the same contempt for the views of taxpayers.
They see National handing over assets to maori and being held hostage by a tiny race-based party because of their determination to stay in power.
We remember Labor all right, and that memory is kept fresh by National's behaviour.

Adolf again and again in the run-up to the last election claimed that Key wasn't going into details about his intentions because he didn't want to "scare the horse" and that real change would come if National won.
Some change.

KG said...

Sorry, that should read "Adolf, you claimed.." etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Adolf - I think, to a small measure, we can claim we had some effect on the government beginning to waver, but the victory has not yet been won. Nothing but a repeal of the ETS is acceptable.

KG is also right - this Nat government promised so much. It promised the high road of a vibrant, capitalistic economy, and all we have got is another grubby socialist crew hellbent on maintaining a welfare state and handing large parts of our land and economy to a bunch of racists. A government that is copying Clark and subjugating us to UN and all their declarations, understandings, accords and treaties - each one removing another bit of freedom......until we have none more.

mawm (ex Nat voter)

Anonymous said...

I sent an email to John Key re asking him to dump the ETS and to remind him why I voted National, not Labour. Do you think he listened? I had no response though, which seems to be the case with our MPs, especially the Nats. If they don't dump the ETS, they will be trumped in 2011, possibly by Winston.


Anonymous said...

KG, how do you dare to accuse Adolf of being another one of Key's apologists? He's the supreme one, the highest of all, the minion who will tell all the lies in the world for his boss Key.

Don't demean his status, please.

KG said...

Anonymous, I don't see eye-to-eye with Adolf about National (and it can get heated at times) but I would never accuse him of lying.
I believe him to be an honest man.