Monday, April 26, 2010

Being offended.

I have held off commenting on the global child rapists corporation. Mainly because I do not really care, in much the same way as I do not care about the climate, my health, my neighbours, rugby and pretty much everything else these days.
But, hypocrisy is as hypocrisy does and the latest front page of the Daily Hate Mail has stirred me from the comfort of my bean bag to share a few tortured thoughts with you all.

Let us look for a moment at the worlds oldest and most evil criminal conspiracy.
At its head they have a geriatric ex Nazi who is without a doubt tarnished by his youth and forever damned for his aiding and abetting after the fact of animlas who preyed on children for sex.
Personally I blame the French.
It was a French pope who decreed that priests must be celibate and not take wives. Not for any godly reasons but because those randy fuckers were marrying and breeding and as part of their vulture like duties were encouraged to hang around the nearly departed to ensure people left their posessions to the church. They then left it to their families. Rome was not happy to share and decided that it should come to the church. Thus setting us on a path of depravity that has seen us arrive at this point where the Roman Catholic church is squirming on a pole.
The plain truth is that these paedophiles and poofters have preyed on the weak and young for hundreds of years and no amount of blaming; Jews, poofs, media, British foreign office will allow you to wriggle off the hook.
The only reason they are not the most evil religion currently is because they do not strap explosives to retarded members of their flock to blow people up.

Note to AF, Milt and Gooner. Sorry I did not make dinner. Will call tomorrow. Today has been a nightmare.


Dexter said...

Excellent post. It's one thing to believe in an absolutely ludicrous superstition, it's another when said superstition has perpetuated such horrific crimes and has then systematically covered them up.

KG said...

"'s another when said superstition has perpetuated such horrific crimes and has then systematically covered them up."

Talking about marxist teacher's unions again, are we? After all, they've covered up and excused far more cases of child molestation than priests. ;)

Barnsley Bill said...

KG, while I share your concern for the way teachers protect their own.. The Catholic church has been raping kids and murdering for pecuniary advantage for a lot longer than marxism has been around. Growing up in a Knights Templar town as I did I am acutely aware of the way the Catholics slaughtered their Templar rivals.

MrTips said...

Off the meds Barnsley eh?
But then you've no class according to yourmate FailOil, because you write under a pseudonym.

If it was apparent you knew ANYTHING about this, then you might be taken seriously. Until then, stick to your ride on lawnmower and moaning about speeding tickets.

Dexter said...

"After all, they've covered up and excused far more cases of child molestation than priests."

They have? I very much doubt that. Either way it seems a bit of a silly comment, two wrongs, no rights etc.

MrTips is clearly the expert on pedo priests though, maybe he can seriously full us in?

Barnsley Bill said...

No meds here mate, other than the odd glass of single malt. And thanks to Zens pet paedo I am not blogging anonymously anymore.

It saddens me to see catholics immediately jump to defend and stumble into attacking the messenger.
If you are unhappy about what I wrote you could try and refute it...
without blaming; Jews, poofs, aliens, the devil. No? didn't think so.

Whaleoil said...

Mr Tits,

BB hasn't been anonymous for many years, he even used to sign off his posts the Strandard with his real name.

Also you retard, it wasn't me calling anonymongs classless it was Charlie Shovel. Quite how you missed that point is beyond me, even Bb's retard poof flatmate boy groomer would have been able to understand that post.

The largest paeophile ring in the world (Catholic Church) has a systemic problem with paedo priests and the top Paedo (Pope) is just excusing it. meanwhile one of his ordained cardinals blames it all on a conspiracy of the jews. Very strange folk at the head of largest paeophile ring in the world Catholic Church.

Hah and to top it all off the capture was "catamite"

Anonymous said...

Blitzer Ben and the catholic church must be doing some good to attract the bellicose ire of you mob.

The thread has an 'oaf factor' of 10 out of 10.


KG said...

"They have? I very much doubt that."

Do some research, Dexter. They have these things nowadays called search engines.

Dexter said...

That's nice KG in which case you should have no problem in producing the figures that support your claim.

KG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KG said...

Piss off and do your own homework, parasite. You're the one who doubts the claim.

Dex said...

Oh dear poor KG caught out making stuff up to try and deflect the attention from child abusers and the faith that creates, nurtures and protects them.

KG said...

Won't work. :) Do your own homework, lamer.

KG said...

If the author of the post cares to email me (the addy is up on my site) I'll provide him with the U.S. Dept. of Education source document number to back up my statement about teachers.
He'll be able to verify a) that I have a source and b) that the statement I made was accurate.

But I'll be damned if I'll do a two-bit bigot's work for him.

Barnsley Bill said...

KG, I have no issue with your claims. I just stated that the catholic bosses have been at it for a lot longer than any other group.
I am amazed that they think being outraged is a viable defense. The outrage should be directed inwards not flailing away at other groups trying to deflect blame.

KG said...

The 'two-bit bigot" comment was for Dexter, BB.

"The outrage should be directed inwards not flailing away at other groups trying to deflect blame."
I have no argument with that.

Mentioning the teachers wasn't an attempt to deflect blame on my part, it was pointing out that the outrage appears to be very selective. I'm not even a Catholic, just irritated by what I see as very selective targeting.

MrTips said...

1) Pope Benedict was never a Nazi. He was a German youth, conscripted into the Hitler Youth (like all other German at the time) and ran from his unit when the war was closing. There is ample evidence he and his family loathed the Nazi regime.

2) The first Pope of French ancestry was Silvester II around 1000AD. Priests were celibate way before then so go figure huh?

3) Care to provide references for your claim that Rome was not happy to share?

4) Seeing as 2% of priests have committed these acts (and don't get me wrong, they are undefendable acts), I assume you also reserve your unfettered hate for the Scouts as well with their recent headlines?

Wow, not one Jew or devil or alien of poof amoung it all. I suggest you go and read what others (both Catholic and non-Catholic) have to say about what Benedict did as the head of the CDF and how he changed the policy for dealing with this.

You were taken to task because you provided NOTHING of substance in your post: it was pure and simple classic English anti-French and Catholic nonsense.

FailOil: so why did you say Charlie has a point? And if you want to talk about strange folk, lets start with the founders of the SDA shall we? And don't tell us you seriously think the SDA is immune from charges of sex abuse.

There is much outrage within the Catholic Church over this issue and there is also outward annoyance at silly posts like this that have no merit in fact whatsoever.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"There is much outrage within the Catholic Church over this issue and there is also outward annoyance at silly posts like this that have no merit in fact whatsoever."

Well said, Mr Tips.

Colonel said...

Reminds me of that Father Ted episode:

Ted: I think you'll be interested in the kind of work we're doing here. We're a very progressive parish.

Niamh: I hope it's not some kind of hideaway for paedophile priests. That whole thing disgusted me.

Ted: Well we're not all like that. Say there's two hundred million priests in the world and five percent of them are paedophiles, that's still only ten million.

[Naimh is left speechless]

JC said...

My, what a lively bunch of "Joy Banders" we have here. All those Civic Creche kids really were hung up in baskets and sexually tortured, Ellis really did do all those kids and murder a few.

Yep, and 1 in four female kids really are molested along with i in 6 boys, and 70% of all females really are subjected to sexual abuse and only 0.5% of children lie about sexual activities and in the US the "average" molester may have as many as 400 victims.. or survivors as we now call them.

"Only" 4% of women lie about rape and of course these suffer from some serious mental illness.. probably brought on by earlier and undetected sexual abuse anyhow. And those poor poor survivors who come on TV and proclaim how their lives were ruined by sexual abuse would have been happy, healthy and wealthy otherwise.. funny how those many thousands of kids who were near beaten to death don't suffer the same fate in later life.. or those traumatised by home invasions.

Its a funny thing that this forum and others like it recognise the above familiar litany for the hype and BS that it is.. except when it comes to the Catholic Church when every bit of it is absolutely true and cannot be denied.

The facts are that child sexual abuse wasn't formally recognised till the late 70s to mid 80s.. before that it was considered the children were mostly fantasizing. Our Western societies have since spent the decades coming to grips with the fact that there are indeed a percentage of clergy, teachers and others who molest children.

The other fact, of course, is that this issue is tailor-made for the acolytes of Dawkins and Hitchens.


Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church is a den of thieves.

Read 'In God's Name' a book by David Yallop - it will raise your eyebrows, and it doesn't even cover the choirboy rapes.