Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Because only government has a monopoly on force

It seems the political divide is not a schism between left and right but between public sector employees troughing and private sector surviving. This from red alert, only government has a monopoly on force. Nobody cares where the money comes from.

Further to my earlier post on whether a Living wage could be an Auckland election issue, Gordon Brown will pledge a Living Wage of £7.60 an hour for all government departments, quangos and firms dealing with central government offices in the UK as part of his election manifesto. £7.60 is nearly £2 above Britain’s minimum wage.

This would directly benefit the 100,000 government employed workers who are paid less than £15,000 a year. Procurement contracts would be rewritten to include the demand that firms will pay staff such as cleaners, chefs and security guards the agreed minimum, which could benefit a further 100,000 workers.

It’s an interesting approach and one Labour tried with its direct funding of a pay boost for low paid service workers in schools, hospitals and aged care. I like the idea of writing the requirements into procurement contracts and it would need to be extended to all government funded services such as disability support workers.

Of course, Brown may not win the UK election, but now Tory David Cameron is making noises about supporting the Living Wage concept. Watch this space



Anonymous said...

This is NZ, not the UK. If Aucklanders thought that civil servants would all get payrises, they would go apeshit.

Anonymous said...

A cogent paradigm?

Good god, what sort of wanker are you? I don't actually think you know the meaning of either cogent or paradigm, but nice try.

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

If Aucklanders thought that civil servants would all get payrises, they would go apeshit.

If Aucklanders really knew how much civil servants were paid, they'd all go apeshit and vote ACT.