Monday, April 19, 2010

Bad news for Len Brown

The latest Colmar Brunton poll conducted by TVNZ spells bad news for mayoral aspirant, Len Brown.

It puts Phil Goff at just 8% support - 40 behind Key - with Labour 21 points behind National.

As Brown is Labour's candidate for Auckland's top job, he will be worried to see his leader and his party with little support. That'll translate into little support for him in a few months as Aucklanders realise a vote for Len is a vote for Sue Bradford and a Labour-led Auckland.

Not a good start to the week for Len, Labour and Sam Cash.


gingercrush said...

Um I don't get your link to John Banks. Regardless of how National is doing has little impact on the local level. Indeed, local politics rarely follows what is happening at a national level. As for Banks. I really think he's toast. The problem is he needs to win support from North Shore, West Auckland and South Auckland not just Auckland and East Auckland. I don't see it happening.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gingercrush, I suggest to you that most North Shorians are sick and tired of the antics of one leftie loon and are unlikely to vote for another.

We will vote for someone with a good track record of sanity and fiscal rectitude. Thus far Banks has no competition.

Gooner said...

GC, I never mentioned John Banks in this post.