Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who has really sinned?

Some long overdue tinkering of welfare is finally on the cards.

Phil Goff puts his 2 cents in by prattling on about the children not suffering because of the "sins of the parents".

Well he should understand that for the many, many, many years that he has been in politics, he has helped oversee the endless rise of the welfare state.
His party in particular have been zealous advocates of making people dependant on the State.

So Phil, if you want to see the real sin here, then look no further than the end of your own nose.


KG said...

And welfare has been the cause the children who might suffer, not their saviour.

harpoon said...

KG, you're fantasising.

Lou, if welfare dependency is such a huge problem, you guys must know how manay people are actually 'welfare dependent'. Do tell. If you can't do that, how can you say anything about it being a problem?

No facts on actual welfare dependency here:

KG said...

Fantasising? That's why there's such a strong connection between welfare dependency and child abuse then?
You need to read people such as Lindsay Mitchell and get some facts, Harpoon.
The fantasists are those who believe that throwing other people's money at no-hoping parasitic scumbags will somehow benefit the offspring of said scumbags.

WAKE UP said...
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WAKE UP said...

Harpoon, welfare is now a major Industry with shareholders (the recipients) and vested interests (the administrators), supported by theft (the taxpayers). One of the finer ironies - which everyone misses - is that the more people get off welfare and into the workforce, the more people will need to be dumped fom administering the welfare industry. A perfect Devil's bargain, eh?

WAKE UP said...

Harpoon, I forgot to add: the welfare industry also has VICTIMS - the growing number of miserable kids who are conceived by conniving women (with the willing participation of deadbeat "dads") as unloved DPB meal tickets.