Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When will this madness end?

Andrew Williams facebook page with a pic of Rodney Hide morphed into Hitler superimposed over a swastika.
Nice. If you are a 12 year old retard.
Click the pic for a link through to the post at Gotcha.
Clearly Williams is completely and utterly unfit for any type of role where he is responsible for other people and their money.
Personally I don't have much time for Rodney and as I am still waiting for anybody to show me (or even claim) that ratepayers will enjoy lower rates from the super city changes I am just clinging to the fringes of support for the idea in the vain hope that we will see less drunk, racist fuckwits like Williams anywhere near the ratepayers pockets.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One should not speak ill of the dead so I will have no more to say about the terminal Mayor of North Shore City.

The herald wrote his epitaph this morning.

Barnsley Bill said...

Yes they did. And having a look through his facebook friends list I would think Joris De Bres needs to have a word with his "friend" as well.

Inventory2 said...

Clowns normally mix the elements of comedy and pathos. This lapse of judgment by Williams is not in any way, shape or form funny. It is, in fact deeply offensive.

Anonymous said...

In a decent, Christtian society, the mayor would have to resign. Typical that it is swept under the carpet, anything goes these days, would the PM get away with such gutter behaviour? (not that he'd be that daft...) but probably,...anything goes, these days.

WAKE UP said...

BILL, Andrew Wiliams aside, the less words the weird, trouble-making Joris de Bres has with ANYONE, the better.

Barnsley Bill said...


Anonymous said...

In a decent, Christtian society,

the mayor would have been replaced by now.

Why can we dump ECan but we can't dump this complete loser?

Flashman said...

Williams would not be out of place as a public official in a sleazy third world locale.

What does it take for Hide [as the responsible minister] to demand that this lunatic buffoon be purged from office?

Murray said...

Someone put this puppy down.

What an obiious little twerp he is.