Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vastly Improved

When Labour's Shane Jones is not trying to be a smart arse, is not engaging in contrived theatrical histrionics, is not spitting all over the poor bastard seated in front of him, he comes across quite well. Almost civilized, even.

Today Adolf happened to see his speech on the Seafoods something or other bill and he was very impressive. For a time, coherent. Full marks.

Regrettably, he was followed by some dork from National who stumbled through an awful mangled and embarrassing attempt at a greeting in Maori. It was the fool from Whangarei, Heatley.

If people have insufficient brains to learn how to correctly pronounce the beautifully melodic and phonetic Maori language they should not make goats of themselves in public.

Phil Heatley, go away, a long long way, and learn the language.


Anonymous said...

Dont know and dont care about maori ,right bro , opps cussie bro
opps after being called a white motherfucker in the recent past,by a bro a idiot wearing a cap sideways,dosnt inspire me to cuddle a maori, opps im white, DAMN
but if you love the tones go with it
till you are a motherfucker

sagenz said...

gotta love the intellectual tone of comments here don't you Adolf.

Apparently in the mind of this cretin condemn one, condemn all.

JC said...

Jones is doing OK against the political head winds. He's simply firing off the nuttier stuff coming from Hone, Sharples and occasionally Turia.

Sharples looks increasingly like the dumber leg of the stool for Jones to knock out.

At the end of the day the MP is very narrowly based.. and keeping it appeased may encourage bizarre statements from Hone and Sharples.

And have you noticed that the other leader of a narrow based party is getting his TV props from bearded weirdos on Waihopai and Great Barrier Reef, and two vastly overweight sisters on an invalid benefit?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Is that reef or island?

The Veteran said...

Is that the same Shane Jones who said he was aginst double dipping and then all through his first term demanded and accepted his fees as Chairman of the Waitangi Fisheries Commission ... just wondering.

And don't even gt me started on Bill Liu.